4. MMS media baiting

Until April 2014, there were many books about MMS in the German-speaking countries and an estimated 1/2 to 1 million people who had heard of it or had already used it. Still, it was more of an insider’s tip. We wanted to change this and therefore support Leo Koehof from Jim Humble Verlag in organizing the “Spirit of Health Congress 2014” in Hannover. The event was a huge success and well over 1,000 people attended. Suddenly the interest of the mass media was also aroused and several television stations came to the congress and conducted several interviews. Although the first reports contained warnings about MMS, they also let participants of the congress have their say. A participant told about the fact that his tumor had shrunk by 90% within only 3 months of taking MMS (NDR report). This had the effect that now whole Germany was interested in MMS. And lo and behold immediately the tone in the mass media (ARD Report, ARD-Kontraste, RTL-Mittagsmagazin, RTL-Explosiv, Spiegel TV, Spiegel online, T-Online, NDR-Visite, MDR, HAZ, Bild-Zeitung) became sharper against MMS. Interestingly, different reporters from different TV, online and print media always used the same phrases, untruths, unsubstantiated accusations and old pigeonholes to denounce active speakers. These untruthful reports were probably one of the reasons why the people chose “lying press” as the (in)word of the year. There was no longer any question of the so-called quality journalists carrying out independent research with an open mind. They were order rip-offs and one was copying off the other. For this reason, the individual accusations are to be countered here with reliable facts, so that everyone can form his or her own opinion about MMS. We rely on openness instead of propaganda.


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– Spirit of Health Congress 2014

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