4.6.3 Chlorine dioxide patents in the health sector

With a little research in search engines and our MMS family, more and more approved pharmaceutical products based on chlorine dioxide come to light.

Here, for example, is the spray Ciderm SP approved in the US for wound disinfection in animals from Frontier Pharmaceu-tical Inc. Available from Melville, NY 11747 (www.cidermsp.com).

Patent US-4035483
dated July 12, 1977, for the use of sodium chlorite as a nontoxic antiseptic. The text says it is beneficial in treating burns and other wounds and treating infections without interfering with the natural regenerative process.

Patent US-4725437
dated Feb. 16, 1988, awarded to Oxo Chemie of Germany, relating to a substance invented by Dr. Friedrich W. Kühne of Heidelberg and called “Oxoferin“. The company was able to sell it for US$45 million to an American company that changed the name to “WF-10“, which was approved by the FDA.

Patent US-2701781
dated 08/02/1055 relating to the marketing of an antiseptic solution for general clinical use.

Patent US-5019402
dated May 28, 1991, granted to Alcide for marketing a product containing chlorine dioxide for disinfecting blood and blood products. It is used today mainly in the transfusion field to prevent infections. Hi wait a minute: Blood is our elixir of life and this is treated with chlorine dioxide without causing any harm? Then it can’t be that dangerous, can it?

Patent US-5830511
dated 03/11/1998 for marketing a product whose ingredient also includes sodium chlorite and which is intended to serve the stimulation of the immune system. It was sold to Bioxy Inc. forgiven, is used in animals as a feed supplement and results in lower mortality, lower excretion of nitrogen, lower reliance on antibiotics and vaccinations, and improved health of animals by contributing to a stronger immune system.

Patent US-5855922
dated 05/01/1999, granted to BioCide International for the marketing of a product for use in the therapeutic treatment of poorly healing or non-scarring chronic wounds and other skin conditions. We have also had these experiences reported for years of open legs (usually in diabetics).

Patent US-6099855
of 08/08/2000 for the commercialization of a product used as an immune system stimulant, issued to Bioxy Inc. This product is expected to improve animal health, improve nutritional utilization, lower mortality, reduced reliance on antibiotics and vaccinations, and improved overall health due to improved immune status.

Patent US-4296102
dated 10/20/1981 on the marketing of a product for the control of amoebic dysentery in humans by oral administration of chlorine dioxide, patent granted to Felipe Lazo, Mexico City.

Patent US-6251372
B1 dated 6/26/2001 issued to Procter & Gamble for marketing a product for oral prevention of halitosis.

Patent US-4851222
dated 07/25/1989, granted to Oxo for the marketing of a product for regenerating bone marrow. Phenomenal!!!

Patent US-4737307
dated 04/02/1988 for the marketing of a product for combating bacteria, fungi and viruses in skin diseases.

Patent US-4317814
dated 03/02/1982 granted to Felipe Lazo of Mexico for the commercialization of a medicament for the treatment of skin burns.

Patent US-5252343
of 12/10/1993 granted to the company Alcide for the marketing of a product for the prophylaxis and treatment of bacterial infections, in particular mastitis, whereby up to 1,000 ppm of chlorine dioxide are used.

Patent US-5877222
for the treatment of dementia caused by AIDS.

patents US-8029826B2
both for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

In Hungary, a group of scientists from the University of Budapest for Technology and Economics led by Prof. Zoltán Noszticzius and the Jósa András Clinic have developed and patented an approved non-prescription medical chlorine dioxide solution (300-1200ppm). He said: “Solumium (chlorine dioxide) is one of the most effective disinfectants around. It kills all pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viruses, all without harm, there are no known side effects.” Application areas are cancerous wounds, herpes, skin lesions, open wounds, bladder infections, skin infections, fungal infections of the skin, MRSA, sore throat, gingivitis, periodontal disease, halitosis, toothache, root canals, oral surgery, contagious oral diseases, nasal congestion, tonsillitis, itching, stye-corn and vaginal rinses & enemas (Patents: EP2069232;
; CN101605720).

This list of patents is far from complete. Please send more patents if you find any.


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