4.5 Accusation: "Genesis II Church".

As Jim trained many MMS workers in various African countries, he experienced the same threats over and over again. Many African countries are politically unstable and there are almost always armed rebels on one side and government forces on the other. Whoever the good guys and bad guys are in this game, time and again he and his helpers have been seen as spies for the government or the rebels and threatened with death at gunpoint. He also saw at the time that people with ID from international religious aid organizations (Red Cross, Red Crescent) were often protected from such suspicions by their ID alone. So he started the “Genesis II Church” and distributed appropriate passes to his helpers and it worked quite well. Since also the free distribution of not approved remedies could be punished legally in many countries, the water sterilized with MMS was renamed without further ado to a sacrament (like e.g. the wafer or the holy water) under the freedom of religion, in order to protect the distribution and the dispenser legally. In the meantime, almost all the followers of his worldwide MMS movement have taken up this idea and joined his “church” without such threats existing in their country. But what we imagine a church to be in this country is in no way accurate. It’s not about religion, because everyone can keep their previous beliefs. It’s much more like a loose club of like-minded people. The only commitment to become a member is: “Be good and do good”. You’re in too. There is no formalism and no bureaucratism. People trained in MMS have the status of “Reverend”. Once you have trained or counseled a minimum number of people with MMS, you can become a “Minister of Health”. Those who also lead trainings or make other great contributions to the movement are summarily declared “Bishop”. These titles are not connected with any real hierarchies, rights or duties and are not even used by most, if then only with a smirk. Everyone sees eye to eye and everyone has to decide for himself what he does or does not do. At no time in all these years have I been told anything about what I should or shouldn’t do or what to say or not say. Everybody makes the contribution which he can or wants to reach the common goal that every human being on this planet gets to know about the health possibilities with MMS or chlorine dioxide. We then leave it up to everyone to decide whether and what they want to do with this knowledge and support everyone who wants to know more. One can also leave this “church” at any time without any problems, Jim attaches great importance to this.

Do you also want to make your contribution so that this movement can successfully achieve its goals? You can do this by talking about MMS and distributing this e-book. Of course, donations are always welcome!

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