4.4 Allegation: "Jim Humble Scientology

Yes, Jim Humble loves his white suit and white hat appearances with the larimar stone as his trademark. “The show must go on,” he’s an American through and through. And yes, he was with the Scientologists almost from the beginning. At that time it was a movement that used the novel techniques (Dianetics) of Ron L. Hubbard to cleanse one’s mind of traumas, fears and false programming from this and previous lives. The result was free and non-manipulable people. Later this movement was infiltrated and now has the image of a “money-grubbing and brain-washing cult”. I am not in a position to judge this conclusively, as I have so far had no knowing contact with this association or its members. However, I have very much looked into the book and DVDs on Dianetics, both of which I think are highly interesting and ideology-free. I asked Jim about this and he answered me candidly to each question. When these negative changes such as the persistent badgering of dropouts began in this organization, he, like many others at the time, left the Scientologists. For him, this chapter has been completely closed for three decades (!). At his MMS training sessions, and at all other meetings with Jim, at no time did he bring up Scientology-related topics on his own initiative or use any mind-manipulating techniques. I can testify to that beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is really just a plain old man with an engagingly friendly smile.

Conclusion: The worldwide MMS movement has nothing but absolutely nothing to do with Scientology. Does it really matter what a person wears or used to wear? Or are these personal defamations only to prevent the viewers (drawer Scientology) to deal with his actual, trend-setting contents and statements?


– Book “Dianetics” The Guide to the Human Mind”.

– DVD “How to Use Dianetics”

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