4.1 Accusation: "MMS is toxic chlorine bleach".

If one searches the term “chlorine bleach” in Wikipedia, one is led interestingly directly to the pure chlorine and not to the entry about chlorine dioxide and also not to the raw material of MMS the sodium chlorite. But such subtleties the layman can not distinguish!

Definition: Chlorine bleach, also called chlorine bleaching lye or Javell’s lye, is produced according to the University of Hamburg by adding (elemental, i.e. pure) chlorine to diluted sodium hydroxide solution.

However, MMS application protocols definitely do not use chlorine bleach! Neither the raw material sodium chlorite nor the actual active substance of MMS the chlorine dioxide are chlorine bleach by definition! In addition, the sodium chlorite solution is not taken by itself, but only after the chlorine dioxide has been formed by activation with an acid. Chlorine dioxide, on the other hand, has been used for over 100 years to sterilize drinking water, our number one foodstuff, and fruit and vegetables, but also meat and fish, have been sterilized with it for years and kept longer (USA). It does not have to be filtered out or washed off the food. In food processing plants for dairy products, beer and wine, for example, the pipes between the individual production batches are sterilized and cleaned. So it doesn’t harm our food or the people and animals that consume it. The non-toxicity of the oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide solutions has been sufficiently proven by internationally recognized studies of the WHO and the EPA (see below). Paracelsus already stated that the dose makes the “poison”. A comparison of toxicity clearly shows that chlorine dioxide is in fact much “less toxic” than nicotine, coffee and aspirin.


– Uni Hamburg Definition of chlorine bleach

– Wikipedia entry on chlorine dioxide

– Wikipedia entry on sodium chlorite

– Wikipedia entry on chlorine

– Chlorine dioxide toxicity

Wikipedia entry on chlorine dioxide

Higher organisms are relatively insensitive to the ingestion of chlorine dioxide by ingestion. For example, in a human study, a single ingestion of 24 mg of chlorine dioxide in one liter or 2.5 mg of chlorite in 500 ml of water did not result in any adverse changes in ten healthy males. This is a factor of ten or one hundred higher than the maximum values for drinking water treatment in Germany of 0.2 mg per litre of drinking water.”


– Wikipedia entry on chlorine dioxide

WHO study on the oral intake of chlorine dioxide

There is a WHO (World Health Organisation) study from 1982/1984 on the oral intake of an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution on 10 men with different intake protocols and doses for 12 weeks, i.e. three times as long as Jim Humble’s MMS-1000 protocol. Blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, oral temperature and ECG were performed, as well as extensive blood and urine analyses.

Result: No significant side effects were measured!


– WHO study on the oral intake of chlorine dioxide

EPA studies on the oral intake of chlorine dioxide

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had also commissioned a large number of studies on humans and animals on the consequences of oral ingestion of aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions or had summarised them from the literature.

Result: Even the 100-fold concentration of ClO2, as legally permitted in our drinking water, shows no negative effects on humans and animals.


– EPA studies on the oral intake of chlorine dioxide

Conclusion: Who still calls MMS, sodium chlorite or chlorine dioxide a “poisonous chlorine bleach” as a supposed protector of the people or critical journalist, lies deliberately and ignores available international studies to the non-toxicity of chlorine dioxide with oral ingestion! Neither the MMS, the starting material sodium chlorite nor the actual active substance chlorine dioxide is chlorine bleach! With this perfidious and deliberate confusion, one would like to tempt newcomers and laymen to actually treat themselves with the dangerous chlorine bleach instead of the non-toxic chlorine dioxide, in order to then blame the resulting damage on the MMS community! This fulfils the criminal offence of deliberate attempted bodily harm!

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