3 MMS successes with animals

MMS applications on humans are generally just as transferable for animals, except for a few special features. Many interested people have given MMS to their animals out of desperation in already hopeless cases (given up by the vet). When they were amazed at how well it worked, they often decided to use it themselves. Since I haven’t had any pets for quite some time, I sought expert advice on this topic from Steffi Rein. She is the founder and administrator of the Facebook MMS group for animals (https://www.facebook.com/groups/mms.tiergruppe/) and offers energetic animal communication and other alternative healing methods for animals (http://www.energetik-sr.de). Here is a summary of her experiences and recommendations.

Important notes for the responsible use of MMS and CDS

Please never confuse MMS and CDS, CDS is dosed much higher. Neither the activated MMS nor its single components may ever be given pure, because it can corrode (acid content), therefore always dilute with water! CDS, on the other hand, is a pH-neutral solution, but is also diluted with water. The solution thus diluted is often drawn up in a syringe without a needle and administered orally to the animals.

MMS and CDS do not belong in the feed!

If the animal does not like to accept the aqueous chlorine dioxide solution in this way, you can mix it into meat broth, cream or, for example, homemade apple juice. Please always stop the activation of classic MMS with the addition of water first and then add it to one of these liquids. Steffi also dilutes the CDS again with some water.

Required water quantity

She recommends to add at least 10 ml of water to animals from 1 drop of activated MMS, better more. The higher you go with the drop count, the more water should be added. In their experience, humans and large dogs usually need no more than 2 drops of MMS or no more than 4 ml of CDS per single dose. With CDS, it would depend on the manufacturer. In the case of non-stabilized CDS, for example, only 1 ml of water is required for 4 drops, whereas the stabilized CDSplus requires at least 1 ml of water for these 4 drops. 2 ml of water for taste.

Dosage recommendations

Always start with the smallest amount and then slowly increase. How long MMS and CDS must be given depends on the disease and the overall condition of the animal. Young and fit animals never give it longer than 1 to 2 weeks. Thus, the defense system can also make its contribution. If because of a cancer etc. must be given over a longer period of time, it recommends to make a break after approx. 3 weeks, to supply the body with antioxidants and then to begin again with the smallest quantity of MMS or CDS. Usually 2-3 MMS-givings daily are sufficient, since MMS can also gas in animal stomachs up to the 7-fold quantity in the next hours.

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