3.6 Veterinarian convinced by chlorine dioxide

The renowned Hamburg veterinarian Dirk Schrader treats animals very successfully in a variety of ways, including with chlorine dioxide. Under threat of a 10,000 euro fine, he was ordered to immediately cease treatment with chlorine dioxide solutions. He then went on the counterattack, lodged an appeal against this decision and even filed a criminal complaint against the authority. He used the treatments with chlorine dioxide partly instead of less effective and more expensive antibiotics, but partly also for cases that would otherwise have had to be euthanized as hopeless and incurable. The brazen approach of the authority for health and consumer protection, the professional ignorance of this and finally the prohibition to save animals from death, let Mr. Schrader become active. The latter has now filed a criminal complaint against the local authorities with the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office on the grounds of collective abuse of authority. In his opinion, every physician is free to use any non-approved means and methods in case of a therapy emergency.

Some interesting passages from the statement of claim:

“Especially for sodium chlorite/chlorine dioxide (MMS), hydrogen peroxide and hypochlorite (e.g. MMS2) it has been established in immunological basic research already decades ago (and also partly “ennobled” with Nobel prizes) that these e.g. also occur or are produced physiologically in human/animal cells within the scope of a fever reaction in case of infection, cancer, etc.. Oxidative agents have the decisive advantage that microorganisms cannot form any resistance against them, with which we can attest “evolution” a pleasing foresight. Seen the other way round, human/animal cells naturally tolerate a certain amount of oxidative substances, whereas microorganisms or other antigens (i.e. pathogens) are destroyed at much lower concentrations. …”

and on:

“The current, emotionally driven and unjust “witch hunt” against an oxidizing agent that has been widely used for decades is, against this background, factually incomprehensible. Only a pronounced lack of basic scientific information could have brought about the administrative order with threat of punishment that is being challenged.”

I find it here very exciting that beside inveterate veterinary surgeons like Dirk Schrader also alternative-medically and/or energetically working animal therapists use MMS/Chlorine dioxide unisono successfully. The effect alone seems to be convincing!


– Veterinarian files criminal complaint after MMS ban

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