3.5 Protocol for ruminants

Ruminants must not be given MMS or CDS orally, as it is still not completely clear to what extent the intestinal flora of the forestomach can be disturbed. It is also not clear whether we can achieve any effect at all, since chewing the cud causes the gas to go out again where it came in or could even be inhaled. The treatment of sheep, goats and cattle therefore currently still belongs in the hands of professionals who already have sufficient experience with enemas and infusions. However, we can treat udder inflammations ourselves by adding 10 drops of MMS activate to 200ml of water and flushing out the milk ducts of the teats with this solution, e.g. in a syringe without a needle.

Wound treatments

In places where the animal can lick itself, please always apply the mixture as if you were giving it internally. Otherwise, one can mix well and gladly 10-20 drops of MMS on 100-200ml of water. She likes to use, if she can’t spray the mixture on, a paper handkerchief that she soaks in the solution and then holds it on the area to be treated for several minutes. In their opinion, CDS is not so well suited for external treatment because it outgasses too quickly.

What to do if you can not give the animal MMS or CDS and take it in cream, meat broth and homemade apple juice?

Then one can give here exceptionally only the sodium chlorite solution NaCIO2 alone into the water, when drinking it activates itself in the stomach with the hydrochloric acid there and the desired chlorine dioxide gas develops. However, this is a delayed form of chlorine dioxide formation that is not directly comparable to activated MMS. 1-5 drops to 250-500 ml of water or 6-10 drops to 1 liter of water would be their good recommendation here.

Common mistakes in the use of MMS and CDS in animals:

If too little water is added, the animals may reject the MMS in the future because of the taste. If the dosage is too high and then diarrhoea or vomiting sets in, the animal will not want to accept MMS any more, because it links this together. If no absorber is added and the animal becomes even worse as a result, this can also lead to MMS being rejected in the future. In German: God knows animals are not stupid!

Although Steffi Rein actually only prefers other gentle remedies and methods like homeopathy, Schüssler salts and Bach flowers besides energetic healing work, she likes to use MMS/CDS often. Using bioenergetic testing procedures, she usually tests out all possible remedies specifically for the animal in question. Here, the test procedures very well showed a suitability or a benefit of MMS and CDS for the animals. Thus she also came across its subtle effect and learned to appreciate it over time. Illnesses or complaints in our animals have a lot to do with the owner and their issues. Sometimes the resolution of a conflict in the owner leads to the healing of the disease in the animal. Therefore Steffi often treats owner and animal together as one unit. More on this on your own website www.energetik-sr.de.

More and more veterinarians are working with chlorine dioxide without making a big fuss about it. After all, saving lives and alleviating suffering is what counts. Here’s a recent news story about a vet who made this public, got in trouble with the authorities, and then showed moral courage.

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