3.4 Protocol for horses

Steffi likes to use CDS on horses herself. It starts with 4 ml per dose and can then increase to 10-20 ml depending on the size of the horse. The classic MMS should be reduced from 5 to max. 20-30 drops can be increased. From the smallest quantity (4 ml CDS and 5 drops MMS) please work with at least 250 ml water and if possible let drink some homemade apple juice at the very end. With the MMS it is helpful to always add 1-2 drops of DMSO with the higher dosages. This can prevent the formation of chlorates (see chapter DMSO). Again, it is not so much a matter of how high to increase, but how often and how long we give MMS or CDS and what other good can be done for the animal. Since horses can’t vomit, we shouldn’t even risk getting to a nausea threshold here. From her own experiences and reports from her MMS animal group in Facebook, she can say that severe diseases such as hoof cancer, laminitis and its consequences, metabolic diseases, allergies, infectious diseases, etc. could be cured very successfully with the procedure already mentioned here (give 3 weeks, 2-3 times a day, then take a break of 2-3 weeks and then give again 3 weeks, again starting with the smallest amount). One horse she treated for Lyme disease was only given MMS for 1 week. Always increased from 5 to 20 drops. After the MMS doses clear improvements were to be seen.

Although Steffi is a big fan of MMS, she never treats in isolation with one remedy or method, but always holistically. This is the only way to ensure that not only the obvious symptoms subside, but also that the actual causes are found and resolved.

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