3.2 Protocols for cats and small dogs


Based on her own experience with ataxia and other infectious diseases in cats, she developed her own cat protocol. The dosages of their CDS cat protocol also fit any cancers. From the classic MMS, 1/4 drop is sufficient for cats, which are prepared as follows: activate 1 drop, and after the waiting time of 45 seconds, add about 20 ml of water. From this solution, 5 ml is then withdrawn with a syringe and can be given as a single dose. The rest is simply not used for the animal.

For minor aches and pains

Give three doses a day. Start the first two doses with 4 drops of CDS (3,000 ppm or 0.3%) each. From the third dose increase by one drop at a time for the next doses up to a maximum of 12 drops. Either you give the 3 single doses in the morning, at noon and in the evening or you do the intensive protocol and give these 3 doses only one hour apart (similar to the intensive protocol of Dr. Andreas Kalcker). This way you could use the day more efficiently and e.g. give homeopathic remedies in the morning, then apply the intensive protocol and add absorbers to the feed in the evening. As absorbers we use either healing earth, zeolite or bentonite each approx. 1/2 teaspoon in the feed.

For infectious diseases and life-threatening diseases such as cancer

Start here on the first 3 days with 5 to 7 gifts per day. Start the first two doses with 4 drops of CDS and also increase from the third dose by 1 drop at a time here up to 20 drops as the maximum dose. From the fourth day go over to 3 times a day for a week. Then give the maximum dose twice a day for another week.

Protocols are a good guide, but in practice it has been shown that tailoring them to the individual animal produces the best results.

In case of diseases, such as parvovirosis, which manifest themselves with violent diarrhoea, MMS or CDS should not be applied immediately, but medicinal coal should be given. Only when the diarrhea is gone, MMS and CDS can be given, but then please time-delayed and again with one of the above absorbents in the feed.

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