2.9 Dangerous vaccinations

The dramatic increase in previously not so common diseases such as sudden infant death syndrome, ADHD, autism, neurodermatitis, allergies and intolerances point more and more clearly to a direct link with multiple vaccinations. This needs a closer look. According to the theory, a person is vaccinated with parts of the killed viruses, develops an immune reaction without getting sick and is then protected against a later real infection. Apparently this did not work at all, because in the meantime one has silently often gone over to “live vaccinations”, i.e. one gets nowadays viruses bred out in chicken eggs alive injected. Also this does not seem to have functioned so quite, because now still so-called effect amplifiers had to be given with the inoculations, in order to provoke at all a reaction of the body. However, these enhancers consist of allergenic aluminium and mercury compounds and are used in concentrations that are 200 times higher for babies and children than the adult limits for these substances. Even this still does not seem to have sufficient effect and therefore up to three vaccinations are given with the same active ingredient. The associated consequences, especially for a growing body, are actually foreseeable and yet are completely denied. Since MMS / chlorine dioxide is able to kill all known viruses safely, the sense of vaccinations is thus completely questioned. Do all healthy children have to be vaccinated against all known pathogens despite a statistically low probability of being ill? Or is it enough if only the few sick people are treated with MMS?

Critical questions about vaccination:

Why are vaccination opponents or vaccination refusers ostracized and classified as dangerous?

If vaccinations actually work, how can the unvaccinated endanger the vaccinated?

Why don’t they show me the package insert for the vaccinations?

Why should doctors no longer be allowed to see this package insert in the future?

Why was it that during the last measles outbreaks, almost all of the sick children were properly triple vaccinated?

Why did Obama pass a law protecting all vaccine manufacturers from any liability claims?

Why are the vaccines delivered to the body in a way that is atypical for these viruses (by injection)?

Why are babies vaccinated at all before the age of two? An own immune system, which could learn something through the vaccinations, is not yet formed at this time!

Why are children under 2 years of age vaccinated at all, if their blood-brain barrier is not yet developed and thus the heavy metals can reach the brain directly?

Why were tens of thousands of soldiers force-vaccinated with the drug squalene and suffer from Gulf War Syndrome today?

Why are so many vaccination advisors currently being trained by the state in the FRG?

Why did Bill Gates’ first vaccinations secretly contain hormones that made African women infertile?

Why does Bill Gates want to vaccinate the third world against malaria, a cheap and 100% effective therapy with MMS is available?


– Book “We Don’t Vaccinate!” Michael Leitner

– Video “We don’t vaccinate!” Michael Leitner

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