2.8 MMS and flu

The flu is a special case here. I asked Jim Humble personally about why MMS or CDS can lead to a quick cure of the flu for many, but hardly improves anything for others. Jim explained that there can be two different causes of flu. The one cause is actual germs and there MMS can help to defeat this infection fast. The other cause often has to do with the fact that one has overexerted oneself physically and mentally for far too long and has not allowed the body any recovery phases. This flu also feels similar in terms of symptoms, but the body would insist on getting the rest it needs in this case. That really leaves bed rest. In fact, I later had such a case myself. I took the Clara 6+6 protocol at night before bed at the first signs of flu. Many times I had been able to simply stop a flu with it. This time, however, the headache and aching limbs remained, and the nose continued to run.

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