2.5 MMS and overweight / yo-yo effect

With the topic overweight many think primarily of character weakness not to be able to keep in moderation with what one eats and how much one eats. This may be true to some extent. There is however also another very interesting explanation model, why some humans have such a behavior “thick” to become and/or despite all diets with the Jo Jo effect to do and rather still increase. This model assumes heavy metal poisoning. Our body has no digestive enzymes against heavy metals and the detoxification organs liver, kidney, lung, intestine and skin cannot dispose of them or not to a sufficient extent. Now the body has a problem because the high concentration of heavy metals in the blood and tissues interferes with almost every biochemical reaction, making it life-threatening. So if the body cannot excrete or neutralize these substances that are toxic to it, the only strategy left is safe storage. So the body forms fat cells under the skin, as far away from the heart and brain as possible, and stores the heavy metals in them. The fat is deposited around the heavy metals and deactivates their harmful effects to a large extent. The problem would now be solved for the time being, if it weren’t for man and the mirror or the scales. People think they are too fat and start fasting diets and exercising. A person without heavy metal poisoning can very quickly significantly reduce body weight with diet and exercise, and after a diet can easily maintain it. A person poisoned with heavy metals, on the other hand, will not notice any effect from the diet for a long time. Only when he tightens the diet and does even more extreme sports, the first successes will appear, because the body does not want to dissolve the unpleasant fat cells and release the heavy metals back into the blood. So either the poisoned person gives up fasting prematurely and lives with the excess weight or intensifies his measures. If he has then lost a lot of weight and ends the depriving diet, the pounds come back very quickly. It does not matter at all whether one was strong or weak in character afterwards. The body desperately wants to put the fat cells back on to safely deposit the heavy metals again. The only thing that helps here is a heavy metal detox. MMS can also oxidize heavy metals when taken over a longer period of time, making them excretable through the urine, but there are other more effective methods for this. These are explained in detail in the second book “Back2Balance” about measures for cleansing on a physical level.


– Book “Detoxing instead of poisoning” Uwe Karstädt

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