2.4 MMS and autism

When Kerri Rivera’s son was diagnosed with autism, she refused to believe it. She worked very hard on this issue and started a support group. Over the years, she refined her diets there and got two children in the group nearly symptom-free. Since this should not be possible according to the previous explanations of orthodox medicine on the development of autism, she felt encouraged on her way. Then she met Jim Humble and Dr. Andreas Kalcker in the MMS group. Initially, it was found that most parents always noticed the autistic traits after the children were vaccinated. Here was obviously a connection (see also chapter “Dangerous vaccinations”). But it was only in twins, only one of whom developed autism after the vaccinations, that Dr. Andreas Kalcker was able to discover the second trigger, a parasitic predisposition. A special parasite cure with conventional medicine combined with alternative parasite remedies and daily MMS/CDS enemas then brought the breakthrough. This parasite cure is discussed in more detail in the second book “Back2Balance”. As this cleansing of the children decreased, so did their ATAC scores, a measure of the degree of autism. In the meantime, more than 150 children worldwide have been freed from autism and can go to school normally again or for the first time and return the love of their parents. Neither the drug regimen nor the alternative remedies nor the colon enemas with chlorine dioxide solution are in any way painful or harmful in my own experience. Instead of celebrating this sensational breakthrough, the media representatives seem to have nothing else in mind but to create far-fetched horror scenarios and even accuse the parents of child abuse.

In several cases in America and Italy, for example, claims for damages were successfully brought against vaccine manufacturers and a connection between autism and vaccinations was also admitted by the American FDA.

By the way, many symptoms in autistic people, such as flapping of the hands, come from parasites, according to Andreas Kalcker. These produce too much ammonia and autistic people’s livers can’t break this down. The dietary supplement L-ornithine helps very well against this. This is also as ornithine aspartate the main active ingredient in the drug HEPA Merz. This can be dissolved as a powder in water and drunk and is also administered intravenously in emergency medicine. This immediately stops the constant flapping with the hands. However, it must be taken regularly because ammonia is produced every day when food is digested.


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