2.3 MMS for burn-out and depression

When the so-called rubble women came home after the Second World War, the house had often been bombed away, the husband had fallen and the son was missing. On top of all this mental suffering, there was nothing to eat. Yet few of these women had mental disorders. Humans, by their very nature, can take quite a beating. Today, you only need to look at many contemporaries a little sharply and they immediately have “burn-out”, depression or other mental problems. This is not necessarily because today’s people are less resilient, they are just poisoned. Especially if, in addition to heavy metal poisoning, the intestines are also damaged, e.g. due to a dysbalance or leaky gut syndrome. I have noticed on my own body that in times of a severely damaged and therefore sensitive intestine, my psyche was also very thin-skinned and sensitive. With the improvement of the situation in the intestine my psyche also strengthened again. In addition, a parasitic load should always be expected in this area. Also here cases were reported to me, where after a MMS/CDS-1000 cure smallest parasites left the body and then a clear improvement occurred. Also here, however, MMS/CDS should be used only in connection with a heavy metal discharge and a construction of the intestinal flora. MMS also seems to have a significantly improving effect on bipolar disorders.


– DVD, The Aluminium File

– Book “Detoxing instead of poisoning” Uwe Karstädt

– Book “The poison in our brain” Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt

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