2.11 CDS and the Corona pandemic

Background to the crisis

The year 2020 began with bad news from China. There, people were dying like flies in the open streets. Allegedly, a mutated pathogen had jumped from the bat to humans at a weekly animal market in Wuhan. Then it happened very quickly and suddenly we had a worldwide pandemic with significant restrictions on daily life. We are not interested in the political background, but in the health aspect. Many sick people died of respiratory syndrome. The lungs are the focus here and the oxygen uptake in the alveoli was probably disturbed. Towards the end of 2020, the situation for me was as follows: In many European countries, and especially in Germany, we had a media pandemic rather than a health pandemic. All the media were abuzz with higher and higher numbers of infected people and deaths. However, the PCR test used – according to its inventor – is at no time able to detect an infection, a disease or a risk of infection. The number of all deaths in Germany in 2020 was also statistically no higher than in previous years. This was also true for many other European countries. Many experts protested and was not heard. People stubbornly continued with the lockdown program, so much so that many referred to this pandemic as the “Plandemic“. Hospitals and emergency rooms were completely empty in the first wave. So no dangerous virus could have been on the loose here. Some compared it more to a regular flu with complications.

However, I received completely different reports from other countries in South America such as Mexico and Bolivia. Tens of thousands of people, including thousands of doctors, are actually said to have died here. Even their professional mouth guards had apparently done them no good. Clearly there must have been another cause here. Whether this was another variant of the Corona virus, another biological or chemical weapon, or even caused by radiation, even I can’t say for sure at this point. The most modern mobile communications standard 5G can also transmit in the 60 GHz range. A frequency at which oxygen uptake in the alveoli is known to be severely impaired. In any case, most patients were in danger of suffocating from lack of oxygen. Here some doctors remembered the many MMS lectures of Andreas Kalcker in most South American countries. They contacted him and he confirmed that CDS could help and would definitely do no harm to the patient. It was not until some doctors, politicians and generals themselves became seriously ill and all recovered by taking chlorine dioxide solutions orally that the breakthrough for MMS came. In Bolivia, a law was even hastily passed that explicitly allowed chlorine dioxide for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. Now the universities committed to produce chlorine dioxide in large quantities and to distribute it widely in the population. From a daily death rate of 160 per day, this eventually led to only 6 deaths per day. Andreas Kalcker was then interviewed on almost every TV station in these countries. Argentine TV host Viviana Canosa drinks chlorine dioxide solution at the end of her show, saying, “I don’t recommend, I show you what I do.”

Over 4,000 physicians from 20 countries formed the international association www.COMUSAV.com because all physicians had successfully used CDS chlorine dioxide solution on over 150,000 COVID-19 patients! They achieved almost 100% cure of these patients within just 4 days and this without any side effects! What do you need a global vaccine for if you can successfully treat only the sick?

My conclusion: There are at least two different triggers for this pandemic. One of them is life-threatening to fatal. Whether this is contagious or triggered by the spread of warfare agents or radiation is ultimately irrelevant. One can preventively and acutely avert the danger with chlorine dioxide and safely survive this attack. So as of now, I advise anyone reading this to stock up sufficiently on classic MMS and CDS/CDSplus. When the future lockdowns start up again, the parcel services will be overloaded or will simply be shut down like they were in the first wave for some countries. So secure your supply now!

Does chlorine dioxide really work on corona viruses?

Whether you believe in MMS/Chlorine Dioxide or not, here are some applications that anyone – even the most adamant MMS critic – can do to protect themselves and their family. The chlorine dioxide even at a very low concentration of 40ppm (update: not 3ppm) (parts per million). corona viruses has been proven in a Chinese study. The study entitled “Study on the resistance of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus” is from June 2005 and only concerned all corona viruses known up to then. Yes, the study only proved that even the smallest amounts of chlorine dioxide could eliminate the viruses in blood, urine and stool in vitro. These successes were in vitro so outside the body! Nevertheless, from a scientific point of view, there is also considerable justified hope that it could also help in vivo, i.e. in the body. Anyway, chlorine dioxide seems to be a very good disinfectant against the Corona viruses. The study is linked on the website www.mms-seminar.com.

Basically, MMS/chlorine dioxide can be used for disinfection in many areas of daily life as described so far in this book. Here are some examples. The detailed applications are explained in detail in the corresponding chapters of this book.

disinfect food

In some countries, chlorine dioxide is also used to sterilize fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. For example, fill the clean kitchen sink with cold water and activate about 10 drops of MMS for 45 seconds and add it to the water. Now dip the food in it for 1-2 min. It is now completely disinfected and if glyphosate (which is often sprayed one last time just before harvesting) was still on the vegetables, it is also oxidized away. Small pleasant side effect: heads of lettuce and cucumbers now last over 10 days in the refrigerator and are then still harvest-fresh crisp.

Disinfection of objects and surfaces:

For this purpose MMS as well as CDS, CDL, CDSplus can be used as disinfectants. Here you can simply overdose in case of doubt. So e.g. 20 activated drops of MMS to 1 litre of cold water. Please wipe the objects with the chlorine dioxide solution and let it react for approx. 30 seconds.

Disinfect cars and rooms

This goes only with the classical MMS and not with CDS, CDL or CDSplus as disinfectant! Important: No human being or animal may be in the rooms or e.g. in the car during the fumigation! Please air well afterwards! Here the two substances are mixed (approx. 20-30 drops of each) and no water is added, thus the gas chlorine dioxide is constantly produced. Which then fills the closed room and disinfects everything even in low concentrations.

Disinfect laundry, washing machine and dryer

Normally, the detergent and temperature should be enough to kill many germs. If you still want to be sure, take e.g. 6 activated drops of MMS with water and tip them into the last rinse cycle. In the dryer, you dip an all cloth a bit in this solution and throw it into the otherwise empty dryer and start a run. Then all airways of the device are disinfected. Afterwards the devices smell neutral like new again.

Disinfect hands

We would recommend at least 30ppm to be on the safe side. Such an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide can be used for washing hands. The best way to do it is in a pump spray bottle and spray a few puffs into your hands and rub it in.

Disinfect face

The same spray here can be sprayed on the face with eyes closed and rubbed.

disinfect eyes

A Chinese doctor said he wore a mouth guard all the time and still got infected. He suspects he was infected through the eyes. Here you can make a very weak CDS solution and please no MMS solution because of the acid residue in the solution. Take for example 1-2ml CDS on 10-20ml bottle with pipette. Now drop 1-2 drops into each eye and wait 1-2 minutes. It burns not because of the chlorine dioxide, but because the solution has no salt content. Even normal tap water burns the eye when showering, for example.

disinfect mouth and throat

Anyone who has had contact with other potentially infected persons or who has been in the same room for a longer period of time should, if necessary, be informed. also rinse the mouth and throat.

Disinfect air, airways and bronchi

The deeper airways are the bronchi and lungs. To do this, use the solution with the pump spray head again and spray a mist into the air. Now inhale this Neben. This can be repeated 3-5 times.

body cleanse, internal

Up to this point every MMS-sceptic can still follow without having to give up his point of view. But what happens once a pathogen is in the body and no suitable medication or vaccinations are available? Even if these drugs and vaccines developed overnight are available, how safe are they without otherwise lengthy testing? Therefore, for each individual, if applicable. the self-responsible self-therapy according to Jim Humble can also be useful. This is something everyone must decide for themselves. So that one does nothing wrong here and does not harm oneself, it is absolutely necessary to read through this whole free E-Book “Healing with MMS?”.

Disinfect masks

Fabric masks do not always have to be washed elaborately. Disinfection with chlorine dioxide is much faster. You activate 4-5 drops each in a small glass bowl and do not add water. Then place the masks next to this bowl and cover everything with a larger salad bowl. Then you give the gas about 10 minutes and everything under that big bowl is 100% disinfected.

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