1. heal with MMS?

This is full version V5.55 of the book/e-book “Healing with MMS?” (formerly “MMS Tips”)


I thank my Creator for all that has been given to me and for all that has been taken from me. Thank you for being me. I thank my parents for a well protected childhood. They always wanted me to be a doctor. Now I have become something of a health engineer. I thank Jim Humble for giving my life a new direction. I thank all my so-called “enemies” and those who have stood in my way. It was only through you that I was able to grow and become who I am today. THANK YOU!

Heroes of Mankind

Many people have paid a high personal price for the research, development, application and spread of alternative remedies and methods. They lost their jobs, their reputations, their fortunes, their homes, their families, their freedom, their health, and some even their lives. Nevertheless, most of them did not stop representing their views and interests until the end. Some names immediately come to mind, other pioneers were active at a time when there was no internet to disseminate their findings or their persecution and suppression. It would therefore be unfair to mention some names explicitly here and thus highlight them. What drove all these people to continue despite all the persecutions and threats? Empathy and charity! According to the motto: “I know something that can help many people to alleviate their suffering or save them from premature death and I can’t sleep peacefully until the whole world at least knows about this possibility.”For this reason, such people are for me “heroes of humanity and humanity”. We and generations after us owe a lot to these pioneers and we should therefore remember them more often!

Healing statements, disclaimer and licenses

The information in this book, e-book, on our internet pages or in our seminars and workshops are exclusively informative and do not represent any healing statements or a substitute for medical treatment. The risk associated with an incorrect diagnosis or treatment can only be reduced by involving medical professionals. Therapy, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses are reserved exclusively by law for doctors, non-medical practitioners and psychotherapists. If on our pages or in our events hints, dosages or applications of certain procedures are mentioned, no responsibility is taken for possible medical intentions or procedures. The user is advised to consult the above-mentioned specialists to determine whether the guide values and recommendations apply in the specific case. Every application, dosage or therapy is always carried out on one’s own responsibility and at one’s own risk.

Content of the book / e-book / online offer

The author/lecturer Dipl.-Ing. Ali Erhan is not a doctor or alternative practitioner, but a mechanical engineer and IT specialist. He presents you in this book, e-book, in his seminars and workshops a literature summary and statements from his personal MMS trainer training with the discoverer of MMS, Jim Humble. Furthermore, findings from interviews with, among others, the insiders Dr. Andreas Kalcker, Kerri Rivera, Leo Koehof and Dr. med. Antje Oswald as well as further research flowed into this book. All this should serve you as a free and self-determined being only as information for self-responsible action. The author/lecturer does not give recommendations to anyone to do or to refrain from doing things. The author/lecturer has not invented or found any remedies or methods himself and has not treated anyone except himself. The author/lecturer is not liable for any damages resulting from the application of the methods described here, especially not for improvements or deterioration of your health condition. These publications and events only serve the discussion and dissemination of fascinating healing knowledge. The author reserves the right not to be responsible for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected. The instructions for use and warnings as well as the safety data sheets of the agents mentioned must be observed. All offers are subject to change and non-binding. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice or to discontinue the publication temporarily or permanently.

References and links

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Copyright and trademark law

The author endeavours to observe the copyrights of the images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used in all publications. Furthermore, he endeavours to use images, graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts created by himself or to resort to licence-free graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts. All brand names and trademarks mentioned within the e-book or internet offer and possibly protected by third parties are subject without restriction to the provisions of the respectively valid trademark law and the ownership rights of the respective registered owners. The mere mention of a trademark does not imply that it is not protected by the rights of third parties! The copyright for published objects created by the author himself remains solely with the author of the pages. Any commercial duplication or use of objects such as diagrams, sounds or texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without the author’s agreement.

Legal validity of this disclaimer

This disclaimer is to be regarded as part of the books, e-books and internet publication which you were referred from. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

Licenses of the free version and the paid full version

The author has decided to make the entire book available to the community for free as an e-book. The full version is available as a PDF download or on the usual e-book platforms and contains all the important facts, current recipes and application protocols as well as risks and side effects on the subject of MMS. You will also find interesting information about MMS, some of which has never been published in books before. You can see in the table of contents whether there are also exciting topics for you. The full version is also available in print with hard or soft cover and on all e-book platforms for mobile devices. With the practical e-book version, you always have all the practical MMS knowledge at hand on your smartphone or tablet PC, e.g. when travelling or on holiday.

The copyright for the content of this book has the author Dipl.-Ing. Ali Erhan. However, you are free to pass on the e-book, e.g. by e-mail, download or as a printed version for private purposes to as many loving people as you like, as long as nothing is removed, added or changed. The distribution is always free of charge and unconditional. A distribution of the paid full versions as print version is reserved to the author alone. The rights of the respective distribution platforms apply exclusively.

Sources and bibliography

All statements in this book are based on studies, publications or other verifiable third party statements. On the website www.mms-seminar.com you can also watch the almost 7-hour
Webinar “Healing with MMS?”
for free. There you will find for each source listed at the end of a chapter under “Facts” both the direct link and a link to an archived version.

ATTENTION: Translations

This book was originally written in the German language. Then it was machine translated into many languages, which you can download online at the above platform www.mms-seminar.com. Should the automatic translation be unclean, incorrect or misleading, the author is free from liability of any kind. Please then check the disputed passages in the other languages or in the original language. If you are very well versed in languages, you are welcome to get the Word version from me and make corrections yourself.


MMS applications for humans and animals are becoming increasingly popular. Driven by their own successes, MMS is often recommended to others. So more and more interested people come to MMS. These then have a great thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, old and new information on MMS applications are floating around on the Internet side by side and sometimes contradict each other. Some old application protocols are too high dosed and lead to the avoidable unpleasant side effects faster. Jim Humble therefore explicitly recommends not to use the old protocols from his first book “The Breakthrough” anymore! In my seminars I often experience that beginners work with these completely outdated protocols and have little to no success with them and give up prematurely in frustration. There are unfortunately also many websites with this outdated MMS information. Therefore, this book or e-book aims to bring both old hands and new beginners quickly and comprehensively to the current state of knowledge of the worldwide MMS family. If you have received this e-book from friends or acquaintances, always check under www.mms-seminar.com whether you also have the current version and download it if necessary. download for free.

Each new version grows and contains new chapters with basics or new MMS experience reports for application in the fields of human and animal health. Furthermore, the practical tips for the use of chlorine dioxide products in the household, garden and on holiday are also growing. In addition, each new version includes bug fixes and enhancements to previously released chapters.

This book / e-book was compiled very meticulously in years of detailed work and is the result of a community, the worldwide MMS family. Help us by contributing constructive criticism, meaningful experience reports or even new MMS tips!

For all newcomers, I would like to ask you to thoroughly study the market overview of chlorine dioxide products, their activation and the application protocols. This is where the most common mistakes are made. Applications with MMS or chlorine dioxide are not suitable to carry out self-treatments immediately with a cursory glance in the book. If you know what you are doing, you will have undreamt-of possibilities with this versatile but also unpleasant smelling and tasting substance.

I wish you healing on all levels according to your will and your soul plan and remain


Your Ali Erhan

… and we are becoming more and more!

Foreword 2020

The year 2020 brought a great upheaval to all mankind. Suddenly, the health of EVERYONE on this planet was seemingly threatened by a pathogen called Covid-19, a member of the Corona family of viruses that triggered an almost simultaneous pandemic. I do not want to go into the final battle between good and evil raging in the background and the political motives of the individual agitators at this point. I’m sure other writers can do better. As far as I know, this is a planned pandemic with at least two different dangerous pathogens. In the first wave, Europe seems to have gotten almost only the harmless variety. Here, the pandemic was spread more through extreme media exaggerations, PCR tests that were not suitable for diagnosis, and excessive restrictions on everyday life. In contrast, quite different shocking things were reported from other parts of the world, such as Bolivia and Mexico. Here, according to Andreas Kalcker, infected people and doctors died like flies by the thousands. Even special masks for doctors are said to have offered no protection at all. Only in this distress, with the deadly threat of their own life, some doctors remembered the many lectures of Andreas Kalcker in South America about the topic MMS/CDS/chlorine dioxide. They contacted him and then took it orally and very many survived the severe disease. Now the pressure of suffering was so great that more and more doctors were using CDS and the successes were spreading like wildfire. This even led to the fact that, according to Andreas Kalcker, CDS was hastily approved by law in Bolivia for the treatment of Covid-19 patients. As a result, the mortality rate of the patients was reduced from over 90% to less than 4% within only 2 months. Chlorine dioxide solutions are now being produced in large quantities by universities in Bolivia and distributed, for the most part free of charge, to the population and clinics. Towards the end of 2020, Andreas Kalcker reported that there is now an international medical association that brings together nearly 4,000 doctors from over 20 countries and that over 140,000 successful treatments have been reported in Covid-19 sufferers. After 4 days of oral treatment, all patients were symptom-free and out of danger of death. The fact that you have most likely never heard of this in your media speaks volumes about the pharmaceutical industry, mass media and politics and their agendas. There is with MMS/CDS here a simple, cheap, safe, highly effective and reliable remedy against the worst threat of mankind and this knowledge is spread very slowly.

Become a hero! Save lives! You don’t have to be a doctor or an alternative practitioner. All you have to do is forward this book to as many friends and acquaintances as possible. If they do the same, that information will eventually find a person. This it helps itself ggfs. from imminent death and/or reduce his suffering! He’ll have you to thank for that. This has been my drive for over 9 years. I was attacked for it, denounced and had considerable economic losses. But it still drives me to this day. I trust you’ll do the right thing.

1. heal with MMS?

This is full version V5.55 of the book/e-book “Healing with MMS?” (formerly “MMS Tips”)

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