1.9 The internal MMS application protocols

Chlorine dioxide solutions smell very strongly of chlorine and taste very strong. Unfortunately, this is exactly the active ingredient and if the smell and taste are eliminated, then usually the desired effect. In the past, recommendations were made to mix the solution with juices, teas or other beverages to make ingestion more tolerable. In the meantime, this has been completely abandoned, as most juices can have a weakening effect on the chlorine dioxide solution. All current protocols for internal use are therefore taken only diluted with water. This is the hurdle that everyone has to overcome themselves if they want to benefit from the possible effects. With CDS and CDSplus, the smell and taste have become much more bearable. But primarily this is probably due to the lack of acidity in these solutions. Always ensure good ventilation when handling MMS.


For oral use (with effect of gastric acid):

1 activated drop of MMS corresponds to approx. 1ml CDS (for CDS with approx. 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution, i.e. 3,000ppm)

If one had taken so far 3 activated drops of the classical MMS orally, then these are with the oral use of CDS now 3ml, thus the 3-fold quantity! (Andreas Kalcker)

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