1.9.9 Clara's 6+6 protocol (shock treatment)

For certain non-life-threatening infections, such as a tightening cold, the 6+6 protocol according to Clara is the first choice. One takes two doses with 6 activated MMS drops each in a time interval of 2-4 hours. This works best in the evening and before bedtime. That way, you conveniently sleep through any potential nausea. With this protocol, the explosive multiplication of infectious germs is quickly and significantly stopped and the immune system quickly regains the upper hand. Most of the time, in the morning, nothing remains of the attracting cold. If this is not enough you can repeat this protocol the next day with 7 + 7 drops, but not longer. Afterwards one must if necessary still switch to the classic protocols MMS-1000 or CDS-1000.

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