1.9.6 Protocol 3000 (MMS1+DMSO external)

Protocol 3000 is what Jim Humble recommends for almost all skin conditions such as acne, athlete’s foot and eczema. This protocol was also originally developed for people who could not take an oral dose of MMS. Here, the chlorine dioxide solution (20 activated drops of MMS to 50ml of water) is applied to certain areas of the body every hour up to 10 times a day and then an approx. 70% DMSO solution (7 parts DMSO + 3 parts water) is applied over it. This combination is applied alternately to a different part of the body each time it is used (left arm, then right arm, then left leg, abdomen, back and again from the front). The chlorine dioxide, with the help of the DMSO enhancer, reaches deep tissues and the bloodstream and is then absorbed throughout the body. After that, every 3 days should take a break for one day. One of the reasons why the protocol is no longer used so frequently is that with CDS and CDSplus there are compatible and pH-neutral solutions that are also well tolerated by more sensitive people.

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