1.9.5 The 2000 Protocol (MMS1+MMS2)

In this protocol for acute life-threatening conditions, MMS1 drops and MMS2 capsules are taken alternately throughout the day. MMS1 is our well-known MMS set with chlorine dioxide as active substance. The MMS2 is based on the starting material calcium hypochlorite, which is converted to the active substance hypochlorous acid by activating it with water. Calcium hypochlorite is also approved for drinking water disinfection and is often sold as a pool cleaner. MMS2 applications have already been explained in detail separately. Basically, you run a normal MMS-1000 protocol with the MMS1, except instead of taking the chlorine dioxide solution every other time, you drink an MMS2 capsule with 2-3 large glasses of water. Jim Humble suggests up to 4 capsules a day, each containing up to 400mg of calcium hypochlorite. This should be seen as an absolute upper limit, Dr. Antje Oswald recommends significantly lower filling quantities in the capsules. The MMS2 and this protocol were developed for severe to life-threatening diseases such as cancer.

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