1.9.4 The 5/5-100 protocol (intensive protocol)

As an increase there is then the intensive protocol 5/5-100 according to Dr. Andreas Kalcker. This protocol also uses the active enhancer DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) in 70% concentration. For this purpose, if necessary Dilute 99.9% DMSO with water in a ratio of 7:3 (7 parts DMSO + 3 parts water). To begin with, 5ml of this 70% DMSO solution diluted in this way is taken orally with 100 ml of water as a pre-dose. Then add 5ml of CDS/CDSplus to approx. 100ml of water and drink this portion. One repeats this combination of pre-dose DMSO and intensive dose CDS/CDSplus approx. every 1-2 hours and up to 12 times a day. As with all protocols here, reducing the dose if you feel unwell or nauseous is a good idea.

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