1.9.10 CDI - Injections with chlorine dioxide IM/IV

CDI (Chlorine Dioxide Injection) is intended for intramuscular or intravenous injection of a chlorine dioxide solution. Dr. Andreas Kalcker introduces the chlorine dioxide gas into diluted seawater. Thus it is pH-neutral and also has the same salt content as the blood. In addition, cold and finely filtered seawater seems to have a very invigorating and healing processes accelerating effect, as was presented at the Spirit of Health Congress 2014 by Francisco Coll, manager of Laboratories Quinton International Alicante. For mammals up to 80 kg live weight, 2-5ml CDI 3,000 ppm in 1:5 with seawater or saline is recommended for intravenous or also intramuscular applications.

Dr. Hartmut Fischer, on the other hand, activates MMS drops in an upright syringe (needle pointing upwards) and thus only allows the chlorine dioxide gas to bubble into a ready-made infusion bag with 0.9% saline solution and thus also obtains a pH-neutral chlorine dioxide solution adapted to the salt content of humans. Attention this thus obtained solution is usually not used pure. If one wants to draw up for an IV or IM administration from such a ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solution with a syringe, Dr. Fischer recommends the insertion of a nanofilter with a pore size of 245 nm. This filters out pyrogenic substances (such as dust and airborne particles) that could cause fever and other irritations of the body. The syringe contents are then injected into a new saline infusion bag. This diluted solution can then be given i.v., or from this bag a syringe can then be drawn up for i.m. or subcutaneously. I myself have received such a CDI infusion i.V. without any noticeable side effects.


Infusions with chlorine dioxide solutions are reserved for doctors, alternative practitioners and otherwise trained medical personnel. They should always be done under supervision! The exact areas of application and the advantages and disadvantages of such a treatment with chlorine dioxide in humans have not been sufficiently researched to be able to make reliable statements.

In any case, the CDS infusion (under the supervision of Dr. Hartmut Fischer) did me no harm and the calves with Dr. Andreas Kalcker (book “CDS/MMS Heilung ist möglich”) no harm either. On the contrary, the breeder was able to save immense costs for vaccinations and antibiotics for his animals and was able to raise more healthy animals until slaughter.

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