1.9.1 The MMS-1000/1000+ protocol

The Protocol-1000 for oral intake is sufficient in over 90% of cases of application, whether for a one-time basic cleansing of the body, for the elimination of heavy metals, as a preventive measure or in the case of an acute to severe infection / illness. The first MMS books recommended few but high single doses per day. However, after it was found that chlorine dioxide usually does not act in the body for more than 2 hours and then decays, these recommendations were revised. The extremely high doses led to very many intolerances and premature discontinuations of self-treatment. With the modern Protocol-1000, significantly smaller individual doses are taken more often during the day. This ensures that the body is continuously flushed with chlorine dioxide. This is much more compatible and also more efficient than the old protocols. The aim is to take a single dose of initially 1 later 3 activated drops per day about eight times a day. For practical reasons, so that one does not, for example, activate one’s “stinking” mixture every hour at the workplace in front of one’s astonished colleagues, the entire daily dose is mixed in the morning, filled into a tightly sealable glass bottle with water and drunk throughout the day. This cure should be kept at least for 3-4 weeks, in acute diseases even longer.

MMS-1000 protocol

For example, start with 8 x 1 = 8 activated drops. After the activation time of 45 seconds add a little water and then fill this mixture into a sealable glass bottle with about 1 liter of water. Now try to drink this bottle in about 8 servings throughout the day. As long as it is good for you, increase the number of drops daily until you reach 3 x 8 = 24 activated drops and continue this procedure for between 3-4 weeks.

Sources of supply:

see on www.mms-seminar.com under “Sources of supply”

e.g. for Ikea glass bottle

The MMS-1000+ protocol

In case of very severe or persistent diseases, the same number of DMSO drops is added to the above ready-activated MMS mixture at the end and then drunk orally. However, the DMSO should only be added to the dose you are about to drink and not first thing in the morning to the prepared bottle for the day! This has proven to be very effective for herpes or candida fungi.

In addition to this cleansing cure, there are several other recommendations. Up to a age of 60 years, 2 single doses per week of 6 activated drops are useful as a preventive measure in healthy individuals, and 6 activated drops daily for those 60 years and older. Even in pregnancies (after the 3rd month), according to Dr. Andreas Kalcker, an MMS application up to max. 6 activated drops a day possible e.g. instead of antibiotics. In children and adolescents, the maximum dose is 1 activated drop of MMS per 12 kg of body weight per day. For babies, the max. dose for the initial dose should not exceed the maximum dose. 1/2 activated drop of MMS. How to make half drops ? You activate 1 drop of MMS with 1 drop of hydrochloric acid and add about 150ml of water. But now you only use half of this solution and thus have a 1/2 dose. You have to use this trick even with heavy dilutions for small animals.

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