1.8.2 Foot and full baths

MMS is excellent as an additive for foot and full baths. For a full bath activate initially 16 with later baths increaseable up to 60 activated drops of MMS (CDS/CDSplus would be here too bad and too expensive) and give these into a clean bathtub filled only with water – always without further soaps or bath additives. Bathe in it for about 20 minutes at a pleasant temperature, but as low as possible. Note that if too much heat is applied, the gas chlorine dioxide will completely escape after a few minutes and will no longer be effective. For footbaths take the correspondingly smaller amount (10 to 20 activated drops). With MMS baths the chlorine dioxide reaches the bloodstream via the skin and can thus help to increase the tolerance of the oral intake of MMS quickly with particularly sensitive people.

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