1.7.1 MMS2 - Calcium hypochlorite

To extend the application possibilities with the heavy illnesses, where MMS1 thus sodium chlorite and an activating acid or CDS solutions did not help or not sufficiently, Jim Humble had recommended the MMS2. MMS2 is also based on a chemical that is approved for drinking water disinfection. The calcium hypochlorite is taken as granules in a capsule. The activator in this case is the water. Thus, the hypochlorous (hypochlorous acid) is formed in the body. The body’s immune system normally uses this hypochlorous acid itself to kill germs. The white blood cells surround a pathogenic germ and then decompose it with this acid. Now the theory is that chronically ill people produce too little of this acid because, for example, they have run out of the raw materials for it. In fact, a medical specialist had reported to Dr. Andreas Kalcker that people with a deficiency of myeloperoxidase (MPO) in their blood had such a weakness in killing enough germs. This should definitely be explored further.

Intake protocol for MMS2 capsules

Jim Humble recommends daily up to 4 x 1 capsule with 400mg calcium hypochlorite each to drink with 2-3 large glasses of water. Ideally, the MMS-2000 protocol should be used. Here, the MMS-1000/CDS-1000 protocol is threaded with alternating capsule intake, so that you take MMS1/CDS one hour and MMS2 capsules the next. Dr. Oswald advises significantly lower dosages per capsule.

CAUTION: Do not take damaged capsules! When touching the granules, wash everything thoroughly with plenty of water! Sollte a capsule broken if swallowed or even if you feel unwell after taking a capsule should always drink more water after. Diluting helps best here!

I myself always had to burp more often after 20-30 minutes after taking a capsule, always spreading a smell as if I had drunk the whole pool while swimming. This was also reported by many workshop participants, but it is more funny than unpleasant or dangerous. A few felt slightly nauseous, but this was quickly remedied with another large glass of water. No other side effects have been reported to date.

Experience with MMS2

All our MMS knowledge is ultimately based on the condensed experience knowledge of the users and their feedback. We have about 100-200 times less experience reports with MMS2 than with MMS1. It is not taken for daily trivial infections, but when the illnesses are life-threatening. Still, the field reports reported to me are very promising. Especially in cases of severe illnesses, where conventional medicine simply could not diagnose a known disease, I have two users who were able to stop the further course of their disease and even began to heal. I also know a user who has been taking MMS2 for months for a scattered prostate cancer and feels much better with it and has largely discontinued the conventional medications. A lady from Berlin has pretty much everything from Borrelia to Trichomonads to Morgellons in parasites and was very sick. With MMS1 and MMS2 her condition improved steadily. She hasn’t made it all the way through yet, but she says she can barely get through the day without MMS2. Interestingly, I get a lot of reports with successes reported in horses. Here, for example, the owners dissolved the contents of the capsule in a larger quantity of water and gave it to the animal to drink. It recovered from a very serious infection although the vet recommended euthanasia after his futile measures. Even with the widespread laminitis (aseptic inflammation of the hoof corium), one had resounding successes when the hooves were placed in a bucket with a small dissolved amount of MMS2 granules.

Sources of supply / Shelf life

There are fewer and fewer sources of supply for capsules with calcium hypochlorite, as the legal requirements demand a trained safety officer in the company offering the product. In addition, the MMS2 has a limited shelf life, as the capsules become brittle and crumble very quickly due to the oxidative content.

Sources of supply:

see on www.mms-seminar.com under “Sources of supply”

Something completely different …

So if I had a swimming pool or rainwater cistern, or my own well that kept getting germy and algae, I would always buy calcium hypochlorite as granules in a small bucket. In my opinion, the best quality has the product melchlorite 70/G (eg at www.melkam.de). Please be sure to specify that it is only for your rainwater cistern. A kilogram costs thereby only about 10€, but the shipping costs for chemicals are somewhat higher! With other suppliers, up to 15% of insoluble components were measured in the laboratory. This product from Japan has only 1.6% and is therefore probably the purest and safest to handle granules on the market. If you then buy gelatine capsules or better cellulose gelatine capsules, e.g. size 0, on eBay, you can fill your “disinfectant balls” fresh yourself. The beauty of this is that you can start dosing with quarter-filled or half-filled capsules, depending on your needs, and only make as many capsules as you need.

CAUTION: Safety glasses and gloves should be worn when handling and processing calcium hypochlorite and the room should be well ventilated. The gases from such a small bucket of granules can irritate the eyes and respiratory tract. Please act on your own responsibility and at your own risk and follow the respective safety data sheet of the product!

… I don’t know why I just came up with this topic.

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