1.6.9 Sources of drinking water products

Chlorine dioxide products are legally approved worldwide, among other things, for the disinfection of drinking water and are legally available on the market. But please do not ask providers for the MMS application protocols according to Jim Humble! For legal reasons, they may not and will not provide any information on this. The same applies to suppliers of calcium hypochlorite (MMS2) as a pool cleaner. This “other kind” of application as a medicine is not approved and such self-treatments are also always carried out on one’s own responsibility. As described in the chapter “MMS for crisis prevention” and in the MMS tips further back, for me MMS belongs in every household, even if you don’t want to do health applications according to Jim Humble.

As many requests for sources of supply for chlorine dioxide products come from many countries where there are locally different manufacturers, suppliers, formulations and qualities, and as we are not able to test all of them all the time, we are announcing the following source of supply for drinking water products of the AQUARIUS pro life brand:


The products are manufactured entirely in accordance with the strict German drinking water regulations, comply with the latest formulations and development stages (including the CDSplus), are securely packaged and come with instructions in 11 languages. In addition, the webshop can be operated in over 11 languages and, above all, delivers worldwide. The quality of these products is known to us. There are certainly other sources with decent quality and similar naming, but we have no experience and make no comments about them. The product information and safety data sheets of the respective manufacturers should always be observed. Please also note the warnings regarding outdated remedies and formulations in chapter “Important warnings” further on!

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