1.6.8 MMS for crisis preparedness

There are many reasons why a crisis situation can arise even in the heart of Europe: the pandemic currently being deliberately fomented, the alleged terrorist threat, natural disasters, currency collapse, civil war, changes in solar activity or the climate.

Often, first of all, in the event of a crisis, the power fails for an indefinite period. Many Ukrainians can tell a thing or two about this at the moment. Few know the true extent of this in pampered Europe. Without electricity, no pumps work and there is no water pressure. The water may still run out of the tap on the ground floor for a certain time, but all the floors above have to get their vital water elsewhere. In addition, according to a crisis study, no 2% of the petrol stations in Germany have an emergency generator, i.e. no fuel can be pumped or refuelled. In the next few days, this will mean that trucks will no longer be able to bring food and drink into the city, and rubbish will also be left lying around. Humans can usually go up to 30 days without eating, but not 3 days without drinking. Now the task is to collect rainwater or take water from a nearby river or pond and store it. Water that is stored, however, begins to algae and germinate after a few days and forms dangerous biofilms. Consumption would then be life-threatening without boiling. Here a mobile MMS set is very useful to sterilize water from sources of unknown purity and to store it safely. However, since personal hygiene and kitchen cleaning are also restricted by the lack of water, there is also a risk of illness due to poor hygiene. Also here for prevention e.g. fumigation of the flat (see MMS tips) or spraying the body or objects with MMS spray can be very useful. If you have to leave your home in case of a longer lasting crisis, no stationary water filters that only work with water pressure will help, but our two easily transportable MMS vials will. So you don’t have to be a proponent or active user of oral MMS applications to make good use of drinking water treatment products.

Even in more “normal” times than outlined above, you cannot rely one hundred percent on the quality of drinking water from the tap. Unfortunately, at the end of 2013, there were hundreds of people sickened and ultimately at least three deaths in Warstein due to Legionella in the drinking water. The brewery’s wastewater was heavily contaminated with germs and the subsequent sewage treatment plant was not able to clean it completely.

Conclusion: For me, an MMS kit belongs in every household for crisis preparedness alone. It is inexpensive, durable, takes up little space and is multifunctional, similar to a Swiss Army knife.

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