1.6.7 First experience reports with CDSplus

Dr. Andreas Kalcker sees the advantages of CDS among other things in the fact that it can be dosed much higher, i.e. a larger amount of chlorine dioxide can be introduced into the body per day than with the classic MMS. With these amounts, diarrhea would be a side effect of MMS simply because of the overacidification. In his book “CDS/MMS – Heilung ist möglich” (CDS/MMS – Healing is Possible), he reports about a woman with terminal breast cancer who achieved an otherwise extremely rare spontaneous healing within 6 months through high daily doses of CDS. The properties of CDS can be transferred to CDSplus.

Kerri Rivera, authors of the book “Curing Autism,” is excited about the simplicity of making standardized CDS with the tablet-activated CDSplus. The long shelf life in the non-activated state was previously only known from the classic MMS. Only the repeatable exact production of a 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide solution without knowledge of chemistry and without measuring strips makes a worldwide standardized application possible. She also attributes the actually significantly better tolerance of the CDSplus possibly to the complete absence of pure chlorine. Until now, this was not possible with MMS and CDS by distillation. For them, even total doses of up to 50ml per day CDS are now possible.

Dr. Wassil Nowicky, developer of the alternative cancer drug derived from celandine Ukraine, shared his first-hand experience. He said he was surprised that his old warts fell off after only 3-4 days of oral intake and rubbing with CDSplus. With his Ukrain he had found that the cleaner a body was, the more intensively the Ukrain could work (up to 500 times!). Unfortunately, after the efficient initial administration of Ukrain, the resulting decomposition products lead to a decreasing effect in subsequent administrations. For this reason he has now combined his Ukrain protocol with the administration of CDSplus. First a patient receives 5 days of Ukrain, then 5 days of 20ml/day CDSplus with the oral CDS-1000 protocol. Then the patient gets 10 days of Ukraine and another 10 days of Ukrain with high-dose vitamin C. Then, during the treatment break from Ukrain, the CDS-1000 protocol is taken for 20 days with 20ml/day CDSplus. Then 20 days of Ukraingabe alternate with 20 days of CDSplus administration. Note: The Ukrain is currently only available from him in Vienna and only for medical study purposes.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, internationally recognized alternative physician with clinics in the USA and Germany, was surprised by the high purity (100% chlorine-free immediately after activation) of CDSplus. The Herxheim reaction explains only some cases of indisposition after ingestion of chlorine dioxide solutions. The proportions of pure chlorine in the activated MMS and distilled CDS and the possible chlorate formation associated with this could be a much more reliable explanation. With this pure product, much higher dosages are now possible without the known side effects. Dr. Klinghardt is one of the first world-renowned alternative physicians to incorporate MMS/CDS applications, especially enemas, into his treatment protocols.

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