1.6.6 When do I take what?

So with all these benefits, should I just use the CDSplus? No, I continue to use MMS e.g. for foot and full baths (CDS/CDSplus would be much too expensive here) and everywhere where one wants to fumigate wounds or rooms and objects and disinfect with it. The generation of large quantities of chlorine dioxide gas only works with the classic MMS. For oral intake, on the other hand, I mainly use CDSplus. I know from the seminars that 5 to 6 out of 10 newcomers stop an MMS cure prematurely because of smell, taste and/or nausea. In the CDSplus, on the other hand, all 10 usually stick around until the end. In addition, in acute illnesses, CDSplus can be used in much higher doses without the slightest side effects (experience to date). Due to the long shelf life without cooling (before activation) and the repeatable equal chlorine dioxide concentration, the more practical CDSplus will probably prevail over the ready-to-use CDS products in the medium term and thus hopefully also the price will develop downwards. In many countries with long hot summers, the finished CDS would not be shippable for many months.

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