1.6.5 Comparison of chlorine dioxide products

Description 1st stage MMS Stage 2 CDS Stage 3 CDSplus
Activation necessary negative yes positive no negative yes
Shelf life before activation positive up to 5 years negative max. 6 months from manufacture (not date of purchase) positive up to 5 years
Shelf life after activation negative consume immediately / max. 24 hrs in glass bottle positive only approx. 6 months from manufacture (not date of purchase) positive 6-9 months
Solution stabilized? negative no negative no positive yes
Store refrigerated positive no negative yes, always positive no
Aggressive chemical hazards. negative yes positive no positive no
Chlorine dioxide concentration positive exactly repeatable due to number of drops negative varies greatly by provider and age positive always exactly 0.29% after activation
pH value after activation negative very sour (2-3) positive pH neutral (6.5-7.0) positive pH neutral (6.5-7.0)
Taste negative strongly positive mild positive mild
Smell negative very largely positive mild positive mild
Chlorine free* after activation negative no negative no positive yes
Danger due to chlorate formation negative yes negative yes positive no
Compatibility negative 45-50% positive 80-100% positive 90-100%
Price positive 2x100ml approx. 18-26 € negative 100ml approx. 15-30 € negative 100ml + Tab approx. 26-30 €


*Chlorine-free: Contrary to the previous assumptions, not only the desired active substance chlorine dioxide is produced during the activation of classical MMS, but always also small amounts of pure chlorine. Pure chlorine reacts very aggressively with almost any reactant and there is a risk of chlorate formation. Chlorates like e.g. Weed-Ex can be in these small quantities apart from the violent smell and taste also a reason for a worse tolerance of MMS. CDS produced by distillation (from activated MMS) thus also contains small amounts of free chlorine. This free chlorine can be bound quite well by always adding at least 1 drop of DMSO to every MMS or CDS dose shortly before taking it (see chapter about DMSO). With the new CDSplus, on the other hand, the formation of pure chlorine during activation is reliably excluded by the patented process.

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