1.6.4 Third stage of development: CDSplus - durable and stable CDS

The third and latest stage of development, referred to here only as “CDSplus”, combines the advantages of classical MMS with the better compatibility of CDS. Here you also get only one bottle with a liquid component and a separate precisely matched activation tablet supplied. Due to the low concentration, this liquid component is not dangerous and also not corrosive (as is the case with MMS, for example). In the non-activated state, this product can be stored unrefrigerated for years, just like the classic MMS.

Activation CDSplus:

If required, throw the activation tablet from the sachet into the liquid component, close and shake the bottle briefly and wait for the specified activation time. At room temperature and above this is about 24 hours. Thus, the entire bottle content is activated at once and completely. The activation process itself is also very safe as there is no spontaneous violent chemical reaction or gas and pressure formation. After activation you have quite normal, but fresh, stabilized CDS and with a standardized concentration of 3,000ppm. Immediately after activation, it is pH-neutral, odourless and tasteless and thus excellently tolerated. Just like the ready-to-use CDS, it should be stored in the refrigerator after the activation time (according to the manufacturer, it can be kept for approx. 6-9 months) and is also dosed in exactly the same way as the previous ready-to-use CDS.

The big advantage besides the shelf life is that you always get fresh CDS with a standardized chlorine dioxide concentration after activation. As a result, it is now finally possible to always produce a repeatable, identical dosage worldwide. The development of the CDSplus is patent protected*, but nevertheless available at more and more dealers worldwide.

UPDATE: Dosage of CDSplus

Since after activation CDSplus is almost identical to ready-to-use CDS solutions, all the following explanations and dosing instructions for CDS also apply to CDSplus.

For external applications:

3 activated drops of MMS correspond to approx. 1ml CDS (for CDS with approx. 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution, thus 3,000ppm)

For oral use (with effect of gastric acid):

1 activated drop of MMS corresponds to approx. 1ml CDS (for CDS with approx. 0.3% chlorine dioxide solution, i.e. 3,000ppm)

If one had taken so far 3 activated drops of the classical MMS orally, then this is with use of CDS now 3ml, thus the 3-fold quantity!

A dosing pipette with ml labelling (plastic syringe without needle) is recommended for uniform dosing worldwide.



With the CDSplus, a one-time activation of the entire bottle is necessary before use.

Standardized concentration

The simple and safe activation of the bottle provides a completely fresh chlorine dioxide solution when required. Due to the exact matching of liquid component and activation tablet, the chlorine dioxide concentration is always very precisely 0.3% or 3,000 ppm, as desired. Only through this concentration, which can always be produced in the same way by any layman, is a repeatability like that of the classic MMS application protocols given.

Pure chlorine

The formulation and activation process of CDSplus is the only process I know of where no free chlorine can be measured immediately after activation. Thus, it can also not come to the possible “micro-poisoning” with chlorates as with the MMS and CDS. This feature of the CDSplus seems to have been completely underestimated so far, as the first field reports further down show.


The patented buffer system used in the CDSplus also ensures that the chlorine dioxide solution produced is stabilised and therefore generally has a longer shelf life than the ready-to-use CDS solutions (produced by distillation). Nevertheless, storage in the refrigerator is preferable in order to extend the shelf life if necessary. to 6 to 9 months.

*legal notice:

CDSplus® is a registered trademark of Fa. AQUARIUS pro life Limited (www.aquarius-prolife.com).

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