1.4 Risks and side effects

When taken orally, the chlorine dioxide does not appear to be more than max. 2 hours to work in the body. After that, it decomposes into oxygen, water and sodium chloride, all natural components of blood. So there are no residual components left over at all, as is the case with medicines, for example, which have to be broken down or disposed of by the body. The main side effects can be nausea to vomiting and diarrhea in case of overdose. This is often short-lived. Neither seems to be due to an intolerance of the actual active ingredient, but simply to its being too thorough. Large amounts of residual waste from killed bacteria and fungi then float in the blood and have to be disposed of. This triggers a poisoning alarm in the body and the body starts its emergency program in which it lets out everything above and below. With MMS it concerns only partly activated sodium chlorite that in the stomach depending upon acid conditions still for hours after activate and thus further chlorine dioxide to produce can. This does not apply to ready-to-use CDS or activated CDSplus.

According to Dr. Andreas Kalcker, the few deaths known in the literature in connection with chlorine dioxide are only due to the inhalation of a large quantity of chlorine dioxide gas (e.g. defect in a technical plant), not a single death is due to the oral ingestion of an aqueous chlorine dioxide solution.

I can deduce one other side effect from the testimonials reported back to me: Skin rash. For some, a detoxification process probably also takes place through the skin. This can cause mostly reddish itchy rash. This is only temporary and has so far always healed without permanent damage. Whether these are tiny parasites leaving the body or somewhat more aggressive toxins remains to be investigated.

In an animal experiment, rats were given 400mg of chlorine dioxide to drink for weeks. The dose of 400mg is equivalent to 10 times the dose a human would use. None of the animals died or had any other illnesses. In the control group without chlorine dioxide a few animals died. So chlorine dioxide intake actually increases life expectancy. So even with 10-fold overdose, there were no symptoms of poisoning or death. The researchers were surprised that the rats even drank the chlorine dioxide solution voluntarily. No rat got cancer. So the active ingredient chlorine dioxide is neither toxic nor carcinogenic even at 10-fold overdose.

Later, a rabbit breeder gave several thousand animals 400mg of chlorine dioxide over an extended period of time. There was not a single mutation and there were more and healthier offspring (more birth weight). So chlorine dioxide is also not mutagenic (gene-altering) and cannot damage fertility.

According to Andreas Kalcker, the dose of 400mg corresponds to about 4 years of taking chlorine dioxide in humans!


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1.4.1 Warning of the Federal Office for Risk Assessment

For the sake of completeness and fairness, it must also be mentioned that there is a warning from the Federal Office for Risk Assessment (BfR) dated 2.7.2012 on MMS.

Opinion No 025/2012 of the BfR of 2 July 2012 (extract)

“Miracle Mineral Supplement” (“MMS”) is offered for sale on the Internet as a solution in two small bottles. According to reports from abroad, this product may affect the health of consumers. Gastrointestinal disturbances such as abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea have been reported, sometimes with blood pressure disturbances and considerable fluid losses. Direct contact of the undiluted or incorrectly mixed ready-to-use solution may cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes or even burns. In the meantime also in Germany individual cases of undesirable effects after the consumption of “MMS” became known. Some of the offers contain the indication that this agent can be used for the disinfection of water. On some websites, proponents of the use of “MMS” point out the possibility of oral ingestion of the product. The BfR strongly advises against the intake and use of “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (“MMS”)….”

If one reads this warning in detail, one finds out the following: Although meanwhile approx. far more than one million people in Germany know MMS and have been using it for years, this office did not consider own investigations necessary so far. One merely quotes warnings from abroad. Actually, all countries only quote the warning of the American FDA (Federal Drug Administration), which, for example, to this day sees no problem at all in the approval of aspartame, which is seriously harmful to health. So the threat level cannot be that high after all, if no own investigations are carried out. In this warning are:

– no deaths

– no life-threatening situations

– no lasting damages

listed after the intake of MMS. What remains are temporary disturbances of well-being. These are nausea to vomiting and diarrhea, as mentioned in every MMS book so far. On the other hand, there are thousands of success stories even for diseases that are considered incurable. This means that everyone must weigh up the arguments for themselves.

In short, the above warning from the federal agency is actually the best package insert for MMS/CDS/chlorine dioxide. The company Bayer would like to have such a harmless package insert for its bestseller “Aspirin”. Unfortunately, it says such ugly things as permanent blood count changes and stomach bleeding. Dr. Friedrich Hagenmüller of the Asklepios Clinic in Hamburg estimates the number of deaths caused by the aspirin side effect “stomach bleeding” in the Federal Republic of Germany alone to be between 1,000 and 5,000 people, with the number of unreported cases possibly being much higher. Moreover, since he doubts the usefulness of the “jack-of-all-trades” in the treatment of pain, he advocates a trade restriction. With 16,500 deaths, the drug was among the top 15 causes of death in America in 2000, according to Phillip Mimkes (The Aspirin Lie).

So what potential hazards are we talking about with MMS / chlorine dioxide here?


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