1.3 How does MMS work?

Chlorine dioxide, taken orally or through the skin, enters the body through the blood plasma and not, as assumed, through the red blood cells everywhere. That is, with MMS, we suddenly have chlorine dioxide as a second system that can carry oxygen in the body. MMS or its actual active ingredient chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer, i.e. it takes away electrons from its reaction partners and thus destroys their biochemical structure. Bacteria, fungi, mites, spores, prions (BSE) and small parasites are thus safely killed. In the case of viruses, it seems to stop their multiplication by blocking proteins. Interesting is the chlorine dioxide (effectiveness: 99.9999%) about a thousand times more thoroughly disinfects than, for example, the well-known household cleaner Sagrotan (effectiveness 99.9%). This extremely high cleaning power seems to have something to do with the fact that a chlorine dioxide molecule is able to take away five electrons from a reaction partner (germ).

If MMS kills all bacteria, then it must also attack my good intestinal bacteria. This is the most common objection against an oral intake of MMS. The condensed experience reports show, however, that MMS does not harm the good intestinal flora even with a longer continuous intake. This has also been confirmed by veterinarian Dirk Schrader through stool samples from a dog before and after CDS treatment. We have no scientifically proven explanations for this, but we do have plausible and logical explanatory models. Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizer. Hydrogen peroxide and ozone are very powerful oxidizers and can destroy body cells as well as good bacteria. The next weaker oxidizer is oxygen. Our body cells and our good intestinal bacteria (redox potential 1.45 volts) are able to hold their electrons against the strong oxidizer oxygen. This force to hold electrons is also called redox potential. Otherwise, every breath we take would kill many thousands of cells in our body. Chlorine dioxide is a much weaker oxidizer. So if the cells can successfully defend their electrons against a strong oxidizer, they can do so even more so against the weaker chlorine dioxide (redox potential 0.95 volts). Interestingly, most pathogenic germs (by the way, pathogenic germs are often anaerobic and usually do not use oxygen) have a lower redox potential than chlorine dioxide and are therefore attacked first by the MMS. MMS application protocols usually recommend only concentrations at which good intestinal flora is maintained.

Conclusion: Chlorine dioxide does not attack body cells or the “good” bacteria!

Quote from the Seegarten Klinik Switzerland, which has been successfully using MMS / chlorine dioxide in the form of the patented dioxychlor for years:

“Dioxychlor produces atomic oxygen (O1) when touching viruses, bacteria and fungi, by which the protective membranes of most microorganisms are broken down (e.g. in the case of the polio virus already at the concentration below 1 ppm = 1 chlorine dioxide molecule among 1 million water molecules!). The effect of dioxychlor also destroys the released ribo- and deoxiribonucleic acids, especially their guanine nucleic bases. This reliably prevents the formation of new generations of microorganisms.”

MMS can also eliminate heavy metals and other environmental toxins through oxidation or make them water-soluble through salt formation and thus excrete them through the urine. It therefore has a disinfecting, detoxifying and heavy metal draining effect. In addition, by activating the mitochondria, it also appears to significantly increase the body’s overall metabolic rate on an electrical level. All body processes are energized and accelerated. Through the elimination of many sources of inflammation and neutralization of the excretory products of these germs that cloud us, it leads to a pleasant clarity and alertness on a mental and spiritual level and thus allows us to work through issues that may have been pent up for a long time in these areas.

In many cancers, the sugar-burning power plants of the cells, the mitochondria, are shut down. The sugar is then used only the alcoholic fermentation. There is also a strong local poisoning with cell toxins. Similar to Canadian research on dichloroacetate (DCA), a chemical relative of chlorine dioxide, chlorine dioxide, in particular, can stimulate and restore mitochondrial function. The tumour cells, on the other hand, then committed suicide, programmed cell death (apoptosis). Unlike DCA, however, chlorine dioxide does not cause side effects such as numb legs due to active hydrogens.

The five effects of MMS/chlorine dioxide:

  1. Killing of all kinds of pathogenic germs through oxidation
  2. Elimination and discharge of heavy metals (salt formation) and environmental toxins
  3. Increase of the total electrical turnover of the body (more energy!)
  4. Programmed cell death of cancer cells (apoptosis) by mitochondria activation and additional oxygen in the cell
  5. Reduces the overacidification of the body through additional oxygen
  6. Has a pH-selective effect! It prefers to release oxygen where it is most pH acidic in the body. Interesting: everywhere there’s cancer, it’s pH acidic!
  7. Promotes the awakening of spirituality (yes quite right, to this an
    more elsewhere)

Conclusion: So MMS works much more targeted and broadband than e.g. antibiotics and has another huge advantage: MMS also kills any genetically mutated germs. Antibiotic resistances, like the current life-threatening spread of MRSA germs in hospitals (or e.g. on frozen chickens), thus lose their terror.


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