1.2 What is MMS?

Chlorine dioxide is the strongest virus and bacteria killer known to mankind and has been used worldwide for decades for the thorough and safe disinfection of drinking water, among other things. Self-treatments of illnesses, with the pharmaceutically not approved MMS and its actual active substance chlorine dioxide, have become world-wide known thanks to Jim Humble’s books in the last years.

The US-American Jim Humble is a colorful personality and had many professions. After working as an engineer for NASA, among others, he was involved in the optimization of mining processes in gold mines. He also wrote several books on the subject. One day he was again on one of his expeditions to gold mines deep in the jungle, five days away from any civilization, when two of his co-workers fell ill with malaria. But as there should not be any malaria in this area, we did not have any soothing medication (there is no orthodox medicine against malaria) with us. So he made an inventory of the items and resources they had with them, and came across a sterilizer for drinking water. He approached the problem quite logically and then had a brilliant idea and was able to successfully treat malaria with the germicide, as later described in his book “MMS – The Breakthrough”. Actually, he took an engineering approach to it. To do this, you have to know that engineers are lazy people – let me put it that way. When a problem needs to be solved, engineers always start by looking for similar, already known problems and see if the solutions already available there can somehow be applied or adapted to the current problem. So the basic idea of Jim Humble at the discovery of MMS was the following: There is the well-known problem of strongly contaminated water, which one would like to use for drinking. The solution that had already been developed was a drinking water disinfectant that reliably killed all pathogens even in heavily contaminated water, so that the water could be drunk without hesitation. The current problem was the malaria illness of the employees caused by a pathogen that causes illness. The body of these employees (of people in general) consists of about 70-80% water. Logical approach: Why should an agent that kills all germs in drinking water not be able to kill the disease-causing germs in water, i.e. in blood or interstitial water of a human or animal? Due to the lack of alternatives and the life-threatening condition of the employees, theory quickly turned to practice and a diluted solution was taken orally. Within only 4 hours all symptoms of malaria up to fever and pain were gone. A few days later he himself also fell ill with malaria and was again able to cure himself quickly with this remedy. Only later did he discover the actual active ingredient of this disinfectant, namely chlorine dioxide, and used various formulations to produce it from the mineral sodium chlorite (MMS).

It worked immediately and repeatedly for malaria. Jim spread this knowledge in many African countries and was persecuted for it again and again. Only later users from all over the world reported to him that MMS could be used very successfully also with many other illnesses as for example flu, acute or chronic inflammations of the bladder, in the throat, the teeth and the tooth root up to food and blood poisoning, as well as intestinal fungi. Based on the numerous testimonials, germs and poisoning seem to be the cause of many more diseases (e.g. cancer and diabetes) than is known to conventional medicine. Very quickly, with the successes, people gathered around Jim and a worldwide MMS family was formed completely unbureaucratically. This family includes not only active amateurs, but in the meantime also numerous highly decorated professionals from a wide range of disciplines. The goal of this worldwide MMS movement is to spread this healing knowledge.

How fast this knowledge spread and how many people in the world know MMS in the meantime and use it successfully, some numbers should clarify here. The MMS family had over 2,051 active members in 163 bases in 110 countries around the world at the end of 2014. A total of 1,465 people have been trained in the use of MMS and there are currently 82 MMS instructors, of which I was one of the first. In my opinion, the only thing that can bring so many people of so many different races, languages, religions and cultures together in such a short period of time is the verifiable and repeatable effects of MMS. In German-speaking countries alone, there are now more than 18 MMS books with a total circulation of over 300,000. In my MMS seminars and workshops I regularly have doctors, veterinarians, dentists, alternative practitioners, pharmacists, psychotherapists, but also judges, lawyers, criminal investigators and pathologists sitting next to interested lay people, who are usually impressed by the convincing logic of what is presented. The phenomenon of mass imagination can therefore be completely excluded with MMS.

Let us return to the question of what MMS actually is. MMS or its active ingredient chlorine dioxide is not herbal, not organic and according to Jim Humble also not homeopathic. It doesn’t actually fit in with the current trend towards gentle remedies and methods, and yet it is being fully accepted by more and more representatives of these fields. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a simple chemical compound of one chlorine and two oxygen atoms and is a highly volatile gas that is heavier than air. Therefore, it is usually produced from the mineral sodiumchlorite (not to be confused with sodiumchloride = common salt) with the help of an activator acid just before use. At room temperature, it is an amber-colored gas with a pungent, chlorine-like odor similar to that of an indoor swimming pool. But unlike pure chlorine, chlorine dioxide is non-toxic! This is quite important, as unfair critics like to deliberately confuse it with the pure, toxic chlorine or with chlorine bleach! Chlorine dioxide decomposes after a short time, but at the latest during its application, back into the components water, oxygen and harmless common salt. Chlorine dioxide has been known since 1811, is well researched with regard to its broadband effect and harmlessness and is used worldwide, among other things, as a chlorine-free bleaching agent in the pulp industry and for the disinfection of foodstuffs as well as for the disinfection of drinking water. So Jim Humble didn’t invent anything new, he just used something familiar in a different way. Thus, he did not have to prove that it worked, nor that it was harmless!

Drinking water disinfection products based on chlorine dioxide are legally available for industrial and private use. These health applications described here, i.e. the use of commercially available products for drinking water disinfection for other purposes, are always carried out by everyone on their own responsibility. Any attempts on the part of the overzealous critics to prohibit MMS and/or chlorine dioxide as not certified medicament, failed already several times on judicial level, since there are evenly also many perfectly legal ranges of application for chlorine dioxide products. Nevertheless, in connection with smear campaigns in the media, authorities repeatedly try to stop, obstruct or intimidate providers, in some cases completely illegally, according to the opinion of some specialist lawyers. Here publicly accessible and verifiable facts should help you to form your own opinion on this topic.

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