Double standard: MMS chlorine chicken

For many consumers, the “chlorinated chicken” is a crucial emotional linchpin in the discussion about the EU’s free trade agreement TTIP with the USA.

Background: In the USA, whole chickens or poultry parts are usually immersed in a chlorine dioxide solution in the final step before packing/freezing and thus thoroughly sterilized. With the TTIP agreement, these would then also be allowed to be sold in the EU, something that has so far been ruled out since 1997. Chlorine dioxide was approved for a long time in the EU as a preservative with the number E926.

To pave the way for the USA, ARD’s political magazine Report/Mainz is engaging in an obvious double standard. If it is about health treatments with MMS according to Jim Humble, it concerns with the starting product sodium chlorite or the active substance chlorine dioxide “poisonous chlorine bleach” with bad dangers for life and limb. However, if the same substance is used by the USA to sterilize poultry, some of the same experts and institutions are called upon to assert the harmlessness of this substance. The USA-affiliated REPORTers then let the BfR expert Ellerbroek of the same Federal Office for Risk Assessment make a plea for a chlorine dioxide treatment of poultry products also in Germany, the same institute that warns against MMS so urgently. Other scientists, such as Reinhard Fries, head of the Institute for Meat Hygiene and Technology at the Free University of Berlin, and Thomas Blaha, epidemiologist at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover, also point out the clear advantages and advocate such treatment of poultry products.

But what all 3 statements have in common is that they deliberately speak only of “treatments with chlorine compounds” and “chlorine treatments of poultry”. However, pure chlorine and most chlorine compounds are highly toxic. The active substance actually used here, namely chlorine dioxide, is deliberately not mentioned here in order to avoid giving a free pass to MMS and Co.

How can one explain to the stupid consumer that one can eat food treated with chlorine dioxide such as poultry or drinking water without hesitation and that one can bathe in swimming pool water treated with it without hesitation, when it is “toxic chlorine bleach”? Why should the same active ingredient that has been proven to be so effective outside the body not work inside the body? Each of the countless official studies on chlorine dioxide so far has ultimately turned out to be another argument in favor of MMS.

Info: We actually consider the treatment of poultry with chlorine dioxide to be sensible and harmless, since every 5th chicken in the slaughterhouse and thus also in the supermarket is contaminated with salmonella. In January 2013, the ZDF Zoom magazine even found the dangerous antibiotic-resistant MRSA germs in most supermarket products. Strange that no expert urges special caution/hygiene in the processing of these contaminated products in private households, where it is explicitly about consumer protection. The fried, baked or boiled chicken is certainly germ-free. But what about the rest in the kitchen?in our “MMS-Tips” we show how you can make cutting boards, knives and kitchen sponges absolutely germ-free with MMS/CDS.

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