Dioxychlor – Replaces antibiotics and chemotherapy

“Dioxychlor™ Infusions – The antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral therapy: This procedure was developed by the Stanford University and the Bradford ResearchInstitute and until recently used only by the National Cancer Institute and the Mayo Clinics. There, thousands of patients have been successfully treated for viral diseases and tumors instead of antibiotics and chemotherapy. Successful therapy with this therapy has been observed with, among others: Influenza viruses, herpes I and II, hepatitis B, Eppstein Barr, polio, toxoplasmosis, Candida albicans, TBC and Lyme disease. It should be noted that aside from this drug, there is no virus-killing drug yet!”
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(Source: http://www.biologische-tumortherapie.eu/41265.html)

Already performed over 50,000 infusions with Dioxychlor™.
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(source: http://www.seegartenklinik.ch)

Here are the studies:

According to the chemical formula CLO2, dioxychlor™ appears to be nothing more than a chlorine dioxide solution produced with sodium chlorite!

According to initial research, clinics in Switzerland and Allgäu seem to use this substance regularly.

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