Dead Zone - all planned for a long time?

And now it’s getting creepy:

In 2003, so exactly 17 years ago, there was the episode “Plague” / Plague in the US TV series Dead Zone. In this mystery thriller based on the novel “Dead Zone -. the Assassination” by Stephen King, all the features of this Corona/Covid-19/Sars-CoV-2 pandemic occur by name:

  1. It is a deadly virus.
  2. This is derived from a mutated flu virus.
  3. In the film, the virus is called the Corona virus.
  4. The virus is said to originate from China.
  5. Among other symptoms, fever and respiratory syndrome are caused by the virus.
  6. As an antidote, the hero of the series finds the drug chloroquine, a known malaria cure. And all the infected miraculously survive.

Either there is such a thing as time travel or this movie plot comes from a think tank and that in turn means this whole pandemic was planned out in detail over 17 years ago. 

What movie are we actually living in here?

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