Covid-19 Summary

We received an email inquiry: If pine needle tea and chlorine dioxide eliminate the SPIKE proteins, isn’t the protective effect and immunization of the vaccination also gone?

Here’s our answer:
It was never about an immune response and never about vaccination against a real viral threat.

According to our latest state of facts, planning and development began over 20 years ago at this PLANdemie! This is also proven by all the many patents on Covid-19 that existed before the outbreak!

The first phase

It was all about building up a fake pandemic in phase 1 purely by the media, while neither the excess mortality nor the intensive care units showed any upward swing in 2020. Since 2020, there is no such thing as regular flu, everything is counted as Covid-19. It was a pandemic of fudged numbers.
After this phase of fear, everyone was offered vaccination as a solution, first voluntarily and now almost forced upon them – even for children who were not in any health danger at any time and still are not.
In a real pandemic, you don’t need free bratwurst or hamburgers!

Slow poisoning

Consenting to vaccination involves poisoning with graphene oxide, which is 99% of the ingredients in all these vaccines. These nanoparticles arrange themselves in the body and form crystalline structures which can be induced and amplified by electromagnetic radiation. This graphene oxide triggers all the symptoms such as blood clots, heart attacks and strokes of Covid-19. So it’s not a VIRUS, it’s poisoning. However, this graphene oxide seems to have been given to us years before in flu shots and foods, for example. Many people, even non-vaccinated, have become magnetic to the body.

This graphene oxide also triggers the formation of SPIKE proteins, which also endanger the unvaccinated!

The body can break down graphene oxide slowly, so the population is slowly taught that several “booster shots” per year will be necessary all the time. But that was all planned long before.
The mRNA agent is only present in very small amounts in vaccines and actually only triggers destruction of our DNA. It’s cutting up our DNA. That’s all. There’s no way to build up any kind of immune response. But it makes you a GMO (gene modified object) and you become the property of the patent owners.

Why are there no new vaccines?

In fact, the first vaccination destroys the own immune system by 15%, the second even up to 35%. The now planned Third Booster Vaccination will be deadly for many! Either directly or through the effect that the next time the body is infected with a known pathogen, it suddenly recognizes its own cells as the enemy and wants to destroy them (auto-immune reaction).

NOW there is indeed an excess mortality. But no one dies from the virus! All die from the side effects of poisoning with graohene oxide and it is medially blamed on the virus to have again new justifications for further vaccinations.

Funny? There are supposedly always new mutation variants of the virus, but no new vaccines are developed, instead the old ones are injected a second and third time. That makes no scientific sense at all.


Israel has the highest vaccination coverage rate in the world with the first and second vaccination. They should all be protected. In fact, the fourth wave started first and the majority of those who tested positive and died are now the vaccinated. So the vaccination kills!


1. the vaccinations neither protect from being infected.
2. nor do they protect against infecting others.
3. that the course of infection is milder for vaccinated people is also a fairy tale. See death toll of vaccinated in Israel.
So all 3 protective functions that a vaccination is supposed to have do NOT work!
So why let yourself be poisoned?
They were never supposed to work! That was never the intention!
It was just a matter of getting people to self-poison first voluntarily and then with coercion.
There is a huge worldwide coordinated genocide attempt going on here in which all dissenters are to be systematically eliminated as in the Third Reich. I know, you can’t imagine something like that and no one can be that evil. BUT unfortunately there are enough Satanists among us.
There are enough scientists who warn very strongly against vaccinations. However, they are never allowed in front of a TV camera and are massively threatened and intimidated.

The pharmaceutical industry and all those behind it have declared war on humanity.

Exclusion from the public

The unvaccinated are now to be barred from shopping, travel and other things of everyday life, as if with a Jewish star. Politics takes this as an opportunity to restrict human rights and to seize even more power. Even with extremely falling infection numbers, they haven’t given any of that power back.

Pine needle tea and chlorine dioxide can neutralize the SPIKE proteins and stop the dangerous cytokine storm in the body. That’s why chloride oxide saved hundreds of thousands of people in South America. Not because it eliminates a virus that has not yet been isolated (and thus does not exist).
The best way to protect yourself is to NOT get vaccinated and if it has already happened, do a massive detox as has been explained elsewhere. Regular application of chlorine dioxide can help well with this.
I’m sure that’s not the answer you wanted to hear! But that’s how we see things!
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