CORONA virus: preventive protective measures

We have received a lot of inquiries in the last few days, so we ask for your understanding if we cannot answer them quickly enough. We have summarized some of the most important points here:

Whether you believe in MMS/Chlorine Dioxide or not, here are some applications that ANYONE – even the most adamant MMS critic – can do to protect themselves and their family. That chlorine dioxide can safely kill corona viruses at a very low concentration of 40ppm (update: not 3ppm) (parts per million) was demonstrated in a Chinese study (see article on this website). Yes, it’s a study from 2015 and with the Corona viruses known at the time. But they belong to the same strain as the current mutated virus. Yes, the study only proved that chlorine dioxide in blood, urine and stool could eliminate viruses in vitro. These successes were in vitro so outside the body! Nevertheless, from a scientific point of view, there is also considerable justified hope that it could also help in vivo, i.e. in the body. Anyway, chlorine dioxide seems to be a very good disinfectant against the Corona viruses.

Short info on the active ingredient chlorine dioxide:

Chlorine dioxide is a weaker oxidizer than oxygen (which we breathe in every day). It burns the germs such as bacteria, fungi and parasites by oxidation and can strongly inhibit the reproduction mechanism of many viruses. Chlorine dioxide has so far only been approved for drinking water disinfection and surface disinfection. Nevertheless, a consortium is working on developing chlorine dioxide into a drug. These developments are very promising. All animal experiments have been very successful. (see MMS DVD with Andreas Kalcker).

Sources of supply:

ALL drinking water disinfection products from ALL suppliers on the market that specifically produce chlorine dioxide or are ready to use can be used in principle. With the classic MMS you have 2 bottles. A 25% sodium chlorite solution (no table salt!) and as activator a 4% hydrochloric acid solution. When these two substances are combined, the gas chlorine dioxide is formed, which smells similar to pure chlorine but is completely non-toxic. You can use this gas directly or you can produce an aqueous solution. Furthermore, there are ready-to-use chlorine dioxide solutions called CDS or CDL and CDSplus also falls into this group. You can do a lot of things with this second group, but you can’t fumigate rooms, for example. That’s why it’s good to have both MMS and CDS/CDL/CDSplus at home.
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0. disinfect food

In some countries, chlorine dioxide is also used to sterilize fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. For example, fill the clean kitchen sink with cold water and activate about 10 drops of MMS for 45 seconds and add it to the water. Now dip the food in it for 1-2 min. It is now completely disinfected and if glyphosate (which is often sprayed one last time just before harvesting) was still on the vegetables, it is also oxidized away. Small pleasant side effect: heads of lettuce and cucumbers now last over 10 days in the refrigerator and are then still harvest-fresh crisp.

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1. object and surface disinfection:

Both MMS and CDS,CDL,CDSplus can be used as disinfectants for this purpose.

Here you can simply overdose in case of doubt. So e.g. 20 activated drops of MMS to 1 litre of cold water. Please wipe the objects with the chlorine dioxide solution and let it react for approx. 30 seconds.

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2. disinfect cars and rooms

This is only possible with the classic MMS and NOT with CDS,CDL or CDSplus as disinfectant!

IMPORTANT: No humans or animals may be in the rooms or e.g. in the car during the fumigation! Ventilate well afterwards! Here the two substances are mixed and no water is added, thus the gas chlorine dioxide is constantly produced. Which then fills the closed room and disinfects everything even in low concentrations.

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3. disinfect laundry, washing machine and dryer

Normally the detergent and temperature should be enough to kill many germs. If you still want to be sure, take e.g. 6 activated drops of MMS with water and tip them into the last rinse cycle. With the dryer one dips an everything cloth a little bit in this solution and throws this with in the dryer. Then all airways of the device are disinfected.after that the devices smell neutral like new again.

4. disinfect hands

Even a very low concentration of 3ppm is sufficient, we would recommend at least 30ppm to be on the safe side. Such an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide can be used for washing hands. The best way to do it is in a pump spray bottle and spray a few puffs into your hands and rub it in.

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5. disinfect face

The same spray can be sprayed and rubbed into the face here with the eyes closed.

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6. disinfect eyes

A Chinese doctor said he wore a mouth guard all the time and still got infected. He suspects he was infected through the eyes. Here you can make a very weak CDS solution and please no MMS solution because of the acid residue in the solution. Take for example 1-2ml CDS on 10-20ml bottle with pipette. Now drip 1-2 drops into each eye and wait 1-2 minutes. It burns not because of the chlorine dioxide, but because the solution has no salt content. Even normal tap water burns the eye when showering, for example.

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7. disinfect the mouth and throat area

Anyone who has had contact with other potentially infected persons or who has been in the same room for a longer period of time should, if necessary, be informed. also rinse the mouth and throat.

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8. disinfect nose

The respiratory tract begins with the nose. Therefore, such a solution would also be good to rinse the nose. You can also take a nasal irrigation kit from the pharmacy and fill it with a weak CDS solution and use it.

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9. disinfect air, airways and bronchi

The deeper airways are the bronchi and lungs. To do this, use the solution with the pump spray head again and spray a mist into the air. Now inhale this Neben. This can be repeated 3-5 times.

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By the way: Do not throw away all leftover MMS solution, but put it in an open glass in the refrigerator. This also ensures that it is always germ-free.

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10. clean body, internal

Up to this point, every MMS-sceptic can still follow without having to give up his point of view.

But what happens once a pathogen is in the body and no suitable medication or vaccinations are available? Even if these drugs and vaccines developed overnight are available, how safe are they without otherwise lengthy testing? Therefore, for each individual, if applicable. the self-responsible self-therapy according to Jim Humble can also be useful. This is something everyone must decide for themselves. So that one does here nothing wrong and does not harm itself, it is compellingly necessary to read through the whole free E-Book “Heilen mt MMS?”.

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