Clinical trial: Chlorine dioxide / MMS against COVID-19 started

Clinical trial on oral application of chlorine dioxide / MMS in COVID-19 started. We will also present the results here shortly.

Dipl.-Ing. Ali Erhan interviews the bio-physicist Andreas Kalcker

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US President Donald J. Trump is considering trying alternative cures in the fight against COVID-19. Among other things, the study will also examine how effective the intravenous or other administration of “bleach” has a positive impact on disease sales. Does this actually mean chlorine bleach or chlorine dioxide? Did Trump deliberately choose the word “bleach” because the mainstream media has been using it to try to denigrate chlorine dioxide for years?
see our next post on this!

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It sounds incredible, but this could be the final breakthrough for medical MMS/chlorine dioxide applications in humans. An application in this regard has passed the rocky road through bureaucracy and ethics committees in the USA and has been approved. The first trial has already started in Bogotá and there is said to be considerable success already. This is an open multi-clinic study and all clinics worldwide with study experience can participate!!!

While the mainstream has for years deliberately and factually misrepresented MMS/chlorine dioxide as “chlorine bleach” and warned of the danger to life, an application for a study on humans was able to provide all the necessary documentation and preliminary studies and was approved. Bio-physicist Andreas Kalcker has been researching this fascinating active ingredient for more than 13 years and presents in this interview reliable facts and highly topical experience with COVID-19. The active ingredient chlorine dioxide has been well known and researched for more than 100 years. Demonstrably, no one has died or retained permanent damage from the oral ingestion of chlorine dioxide solutions to date.

Chlorine dioxide is used as a biocide for the highly effective control of bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, algae, mites, parasites, biofilms and other pathogenic germs such as the dangerous Legionella. It kills all germs with up to 99.9999% effectiveness (Robert Koch Institute – effect classes A-D) and is successfully used worldwide for drinking water disinfection. So far, not a single germ has been able to escape the oxidative effect of chlorine dioxide – not even by mutation.

The starting substance of chlorine dioxide is sodium chlorite and has already been approved for years as an orphan drug in the EU against the disease ALS in humans and there are also approved areas of application for chlorine dioxide in veterinary medicine. In clinical animal studies in rats and rabbits, no toxicity or negative effect on reproductive ability was observed, even at maximum doses. On the contrary, the higher the chlorine dioxide intake, the more offspring there were and these were heavier and therefore healthier than the offspring in the control group.

Just like the currently hotly discussed malaria drug chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, chlorine dioxide also has an excellent effect on malaria. Only, chlorine dioxide has far fewer side effects and, according to Jim Humble, is 100% effective in all patients within just 4 hours! These properties could prove to be decisive advantages, especially in very weakened COVID-19 patients.

Andreas Kalcker recently completed another major lecture tour, primarily to doctors in South America, and therefore has excellent contacts with specialists worldwide. He says that in some COVID-19 hotspots around the world, people are dying like flies. He names not only New York, but also cities in Ecuador and Spain. Whether it’s really a virus here, and why it’s having such a geographically disparate impact, probably won’t come out until after the epidemic. Many of his lecture participants then used chlorine dioxide on COVID-19 patients and themselves out of desperation and reported rapid and complete recoveries.

In times of a globally threatening COVID-19 pandemic, the active ingredient chlorine dioxide discovered by Jim Humble may actually prove to be the saviour of mankind in this current study. Instead of vaccinating 7.7 billion people with an untested poison cocktail as a precaution, it would be sufficient to give only the sick or suspected cases an oral chlorine dioxide dose or infusion. Also, sprawling mass testing would no longer be necessary. Moreover, the disastrous economic consequences of shutdowns could be averted.

Perhaps then the many alternative healing successes of MMS/chlorine dioxide documented for years with many other civilization illnesses as for example cancer, diabetes and sepsis would finally find more attention.


The chlorine dioxide application protocols at COVID-19 mentioned by Andreas Kalcker in the interview are listed here

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None of the freely available chlorine dioxide based drinking water products neither MMS, CDS/CDL or CDSplus may be used intravenously. The wrong pH value and possibly the micropollutants can cause severe allergic reactions! This requires medically prepared products!

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Conclusion by Andreas Kalcker:

1. the virus really exists!

2. the virus seems to be man-made!

3. there are at least two strains, one is very deadly.

4. COVID-19 is not a direct lung disease.

5. too much free iron blocks the absorption of oxygen by hemoglobin.

6. patients die of poisoning/multi-organ failure (liver, kidney) and oxygen deprivation

7. chlorine dioxide brings additional oxygen into the body.

8. chlorine dioxide has been very successful in many end-stage cases of COVID-19.

9. all clinics with study experience worldwide can participate in the approved study!!!!

10. only 20 participants are required per clinic.

Link to the current MMS DVD:

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