Can MMS/chlorine dioxide protect against corona viruses?

Can MMS/chlorine dioxide protect against corona viruses?

That’s a question we probably get asked hundreds of times a day around here right now. And the answer is hopeful. There is a Chinese study “Study on the resistance of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus” from 2015. The study investigated which means can be used to reliably kill corona viruses in faeces, urine and blood. One result was that it only takes 40 mg/L chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution to safely kill 100% of all corona germs in 30 min.
Here’s the study.
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archive link.

However, in every ready-to-use CDS/CDL solution as well as in the activated CDSplus you have a concentration of 3g/L, so a 1,000-fold diluted solution is already sufficient (in vitro). I rather took the factor 10 more in my post and talk about 100-fold dilution in which the sterilization still works. Better safe than sorry, as e.g. the ready-to-use solution degasses significantly over time and loses concentration. With freshly activated CDSplus or classic MMS you have less of a problem.

Further very exciting info on Wuhan, Corona virus, 5G and MMS I have collected in a video and a post on

–> Click here for this post

So it is always worthwhile to have MMS/chlorine dioxide in the household….

After 2.5 days the video went through the roof and it was deleted from Youtube! Either I was right about the 5G connection or they didn’t want word to spread that chlorine dioxide, even in a manageable concentration, can safely kill corona viruses (at least the ones known in the study).

Therefore here the video again and also for download.
Do what you like with it! I hereby license it.

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