The new book by Andreas Kalcker

In this latest interview with Ali Erhan, Andreas Kalcker clarifies, among other things, the alleged criminal charges against him. Ultimately, he said, it was a jointly coordinated media campaign against him and this further smear campaign was without any basis.

Further, it gives hope to vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

With self-reliant chlorine dioxide treatments, the dangers and side effects of the Covid vaccines and shedding (the transfer of SPIKE proteins) could be safely averted.

The international medical association (especially for the research and application of chlorine dioxide against COVID) is growing very impressively worldwide.

COMUSAV now has over 82,000 members, 7,000 of whom are paramedics and 5,000 doctors.

There were many studies going on with very promising results.

Intravenous chlorine dioxide applications

According to Andreas Kalcker, intravenous administration of chlorine dioxide solutions has proved to be extremely effective for intensive care patients.

For this purpose, the doctors gave 10ml of the 3,000 ppm chlorine dioxide solution per day for 4 days. The dose was divided into two doses of 5ml in the morning and evening.

The 5ml chlorine dioxide solution was added to an infusion bag containing 500ml isotonic saline solution. Since any chlorine dioxide solution may tip into the pH-acidic range over time, 3 to 5ml of bicarbonate solution (8.4%) was then added to the same infusion bag and this mixture was then administered intravenously via the drip.

It was important that the drip runs very slowly. In this way, the time in which chlorine dioxide is supplied to the body can be significantly increased. After 1-2 days, almost all patients improved and were able to take additional oral doses of chlorine dioxide solutions. In over 95% of cases, the life-threatening symptoms would be completely gone after 4 days.

Urgent warnings!

  1. Only doctors, veterinarians and other trained health care professionals may and should administer infusions!
  2. The patient should be under constant observation!
  3. We STRONGLY advise against self-treatment, especially by laypersons!
  4. Most commercially available chlorine dioxide products are NOT suitable for infusion! The classic MMS (1 bottle of NaCLO2 and 1 bottle of HCl) produces a much too pH-acidic solution. The CDS/CDL ready-made solutions and also the CDSplus are not pure enough for this. Here, the smallest suspended and dust particles could lead to allergic shocks.
  5. Only an ultra-pure nano-filtered chlorine dioxide solution can and should be used. If in doubt, always draw up the solution with a nano pre-filter and add it to the infusion bag.
  6. The pH value of the chlorine dioxide solution can fluctuate even in the purest nano-filtered form. Therefore ALWAYS add a basic buffer with 3-5ml bicarbonate solution (8.4%) to the infusion bag before use!
  7. The infusion should be done at a very slow rate!

Andreas Kalcker also announced the publication of his latest book“BYE BYE COVID“.

The book will be available from 11.11.2021 and will be published immediately in German, English and Spanish. Further languages are planned.

Andreas Kalcker will be in Mexico at that time and will probably announce the book together with the father of MMS – Jim Humble.

In this book more than 30 doctors describe very impressively their experiences with this strange pandemic and their successes with chlorine dioxide.

We will link the source of supply here in time and announce it in the MMS newsletter and Telegram channel!

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