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Hello, everybody,

since the beginning of February 2020 I have repeatedly said that I think the C-virus is fake and that I see no danger in it for healthy people. Weakened people have always had a threat of flu infections. So nothing new. This is definitely a media PLANdemy here. This is still true for DE and large parts of Europe. However, Andreas Kalcker had told me about more and more real deaths, especially in South America. In Mexico, for example, 1,100 doctors (wearing masks!!!) died like flies alone. Whether this is due to a dangerous laboratory variant of Cotzwitz or the whole thing is caused by other bacterial pathogens or even by 5G (also via satellite) is completely irrelevant! FACT is: Chlorine dioxide orally and intravenously helps 100% against the deadly symptoms! Out of their own fear of death, more and more doctors in South America are now treating themselves and have had amazing success. They then joined together in an international initiative – now about 4,000 doctors from over 20 countries and have reported over 150,000 success cases in just 4 days. Please share this initiative as the website is now available in tens of languages. Every doctor has the right to use unauthorized drugs with the patient’s consent, even more so in a crisis situation. Human rights and the Helsinki Protocol explicitly allow this. In Bolivia, MMS/chlorine dioxide/CDS is now legally approved for the treatment of C0VlD. The real death rate went from 160 deaths a day to 6 a day.

CONCLUSION: I don’t know if and when these globalist nutcases will unleash this dangerous variant here in Europe and Germany. But as of now, I recommend downloading my free e-book “Healing with MMS?” from to your phone in case of a media blackout here. In addition it would be a good crisis precaution to put a package of classical MMS for approx. 20€ in the cupboard. That’s enough for a family for 1-2 years. I really don’t want to stir up panic, but Andreas Kalcker and other direct reports to me from Mexico speak a different language. This is not a joke!

Please watch the video interview! Save lives and share this please!

Here is the external link to the interview (or click on the picture!)

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