breaking news: Trump wants to spray disinfectant

The US President Donald J. Trump is also considering trying alternative cures in the fight against COVID-19. Among other things, the study will also examine how effective the intravenous or other administration of disinfectants and “bleach” has a positive impact on disease sales. Does this actually mean chlorine bleach or chlorine dioxide? Did Trump deliberately choose the word “bleach” because the mainstream media has been trying to use it to denigrate chlorine dioxide for years? see here

All mainstream media including BILD then once again called the President’s proposal “insane”!

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The hastily summoned virologist Dr. Martin Stürmer felt that every word about it was wasted. However, in doing so, as an expert, he should know about the published 2015 study, “Study on the resistance of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus.” The study investigated which means can be used to reliably kill corona viruses in faeces, urine and blood. One result was that it only takes 40mg/L chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution to safely kill 100% of all known corona germs at the time in 30 min.
Here’s the study.
(here the
archive link.
). Since chlorine dioxide has managed to ignore all mutations in bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses for the last 100 years and to kill them safely and reliably, the recklessness and ignorance of these overestimated experts is frightening.

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None of the freely available chlorine dioxide based drinking water products neither MMS, CDS/CDL or CDSplus may be used intravenously. The wrong pH value and possibly the micropollutants can cause severe allergic reactions! This requires medically prepared products!

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For example, did Trump mean such treatment?

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