Bolivia allows chlorine dioxide as a remedy against Covid-19!

Yesterday there was sensational news that Bolivia became the first country to approve the active ingredient chlorine dioxide as a treatment for Covid-19. Today on July 23, 2020, RTL confirmed this with the following announcement.

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After the hopeful reports from the Andreas Kalcker repeatedly cited
Bolivian study.
it would also be just a logical step. If other newly developed or reused pharmaceutical drugs in crisis suddenly get turbo approval in a few weeks even in this country, then the active ingredient chlorine dioxide is entitled to the same. Here, yes there are almost 100% cure rates with no significant side effects in Covid-19 patients.

As an aside, RTL confirms that US President Donald J. Trump had indeed spoken of chlorine dioxide in a press conference when he meant bleach. Quite normal that RTL of course not the officially registered and
almost 100% success report study.

Chlorine dioxide on a successful tour originally reported on July 22, 2020: “Bolivia: Chlorine Dioxide on a Successful Tour”. It states “Back in May of this year, the stage was set for the use of chlorine dioxide to treat COVID 19 in Bolivia. After the bill went through last week, it is said on the part of the Senate that the standard for the production and proper use of chlorine dioxide solution for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 has been approved…..”

The legislature also clarified that this law specifies that the use of chlorine dioxide to treat Covid-19 is voluntary and not mandatory…”

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It goes on to say, “In Africa, such efforts are underway, and in Turkey, chlorine dioxide has been used for some time against all manner of infections. More and more states hit hard by COVID-19 are interested in this therapy….”

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