Andreas Kalcker – the story behind

Andreas Kalcker - how it all began...

Andreas Kalcker studied the active substance chlorine dioxide for about 14 years. It started with his artrithis in his fingers, which he could barely move. But no conventional doctor could help him. at some point he read about Jim Humble and MMS on the internet and promptly ordered the two bottles. But due to health concerns, he gave it to his dachshund for now. He was doing wonderfully the next day and was very active. Then he also took it successfully and recommended it to his neighbors as well. However, it amazed him that the same remedy could help with arthritis, acne, fibromyalgia and an open diabetic leg. His curiosity piqued, he studied by distance learning and graduated with a degree in natural science bio-physics. He also completed his doctoral thesis there, which also formed the basis of his first book, “Health is Possible.” However, this doctorate was not officially recognized because it was alternative medicine. Critics accused him of it being a bought doctorate, but he had paid nothing for it except the usual tuition fees. When he then asked the university for support, they unfortunately shied away from this confrontation under the eyes of the media. Therefore, he renounced this doctorate. Since there was nothing to be said against the effect of the active ingredient chlorine dioxide, they attacked the bearer of this news instead. Then came the first congress “Spirit of Health” by Leo Koehof in Hannover. At that time Ali Erhan was part of the organizing team of this congress and organized the Great Dome Hall as a hall in his hometown Hanover at that time. At this congress Jim Humble, the mentor of Ali and Andreas, stood on stage and presented his discovery MMS for the first time in front of a large audience.

Jim Humble looked very vital with his clear skin and steady hands, amazing since he was almost 80 years old at the time. Through the then new Youtube channels, there was then an ever-increasing distribution of these lectures. Andreas then developed the Autism Protocol for Kerri Rivera with dietary changes, supplements and chlorine dioxide enemas. This ignited the second stage of the MMS movement. But with the success, popularity and notoriety came the media attacks in a new dimension against all the protagonists.

Tailwind for the MMS movement

He was then invited to the AUTISM ONE conference in Chicago. At the second invitation, he documented the many successes even more fully. There were about 30 parents on stage with their children saying, “We have our children back!” Then there was a huge media headwind with signature campaigns against “bleach.” A journalist then asked Andreas Kalcker very briskly, “Why are you giving autistic children toxic chlorine bleach in the butt (enemas) that they can’t defend themselves against?” Andreas dryly replied, “Just ask the children themselves, now they can talk again. They couldn’t before!”

Autism in a child is not only an extreme burden for the child, but for the whole family and the partnership of the parents. 90% of these marriages unfortunately end in divorce. And no matter how much love, attention and strength you give your child, he does not even look the parents in the eye or show any other reaction. This is true psychological terror for all involved. Therefore, the overwhelming gratitude of mothers when the child returned to normal life is understandable. One child even said that he felt like he was locked inside his body. It wanted to say something, but couldn’t. This also explains why many of these children are more intelligent because they are constantly in infinite thinking loops 24 hours a day. Several TV stations then made recordings with hidden cameras and planted statements on Andreas that he had never made. However, both Andreas and Ali then learned to use this media headwind and sail with it. In the end, it took the MMS movement a long way.

Carrying out chlorine dioxide applications on your own responsibility

As a bio-physicist, Andreas then studied the active ingredient chlorine dioxide in detail over the next few years in Spain, where he had already been living for 35 years. With these findings, he then wrote his second book, “Health Forbidden!” in 2016. Jim Humble introduced the MMS to the world and Andreas Kalcker then developed the pH-neutral CDS from it. MMS solutions cannot be injected intramuscularly or intravenously. The CDS was originally developed for exactly this purpose. But even when used orally, it was much milder and more pleasant tasting, and got many more people to use chlorine dioxide on their own.

WARNING: Commercially available CDS, CDL or CDSplus solutions are NOT suitable for injections! Moreover, these may only be carried out by health professionals.

Since in activated MMS solutions still unactivated sodium chlorite is contained, it leads in the stomach with the stomach acid (HCl = hydrochloric acid) to a second reaction. Thus, additional chlorine dioxide is produced in the body. The CDS consists only of water and chlorine dioxide and contains neither acid residues nor excess sodium chlorite. Therefore, there is no secondary reaction when taken orally.

These findings led to the current rough rule of thumb for converting MMS drops to CDS milliliters as follows:

For oral applications (because of the stomach acid):

1 activated drop of classic MMS corresponds to approximately 1 ml of CDS solution (with 3,000ppm)!

For external applications:

3 activated drops of classic MMS are equivalent to approximately 1 ml of CDS solution (at 3,000ppm).

Several mistakes are often made!

Error No.1:
There are still users who dose the CDS solution (3,000ppm) in drops!
That’s wrong! That’s how you dose way too low!
CDS is always dosed in ml, i.e. milli litres, preferably with a pipette.

Error No. 2:
The above rule of thumb for external application is used for oral application.
So you dose three times too low!

CDL = CDS / A final correction

Andreas and Ali also urged Jim Humble at the time to use the faster activating and much better tolerated hydrochloric acid as an activator. The historical citric acid activates on the one hand very slowly, on the other hand this was responsible for the many side effects such as nausea and diarrhea. By the formulation of 25% sodium chlorite solution and 4% hydrochloric acid as activator, which was adapted and optimized by Andreas, the compatibility of the classical MMS was only clearly improved. The reduced side effects again led to a further spreading of the MMS.

CDL equals CDS, but this unified abbreviation is only known in German-speaking countries.

Worldwide, the MMS community knows only the CDS.

After the second “Spirit of Health” congress in Kassel, the media attacks reached a new quality. Then came the invitation for a newly founded company in Switzerland to do research to develop and approve drugs based on chlorine dioxide. Several patents have also been filed and some very successful series of animal experiments have been commissioned. The first patent was against hypoxia, i.e. exactly the lack of oxygen with which all COVID patients have to struggle. The second patent was against inflammation and infection. The third patent was against insect bites and animal bites of all kinds (stingrays to snake bites). Then there was another media attack on this company. As a result, a major sponsor jumped ship and the company was shut down. Since then Andreas has been working for a Swiss company in the field of healing treatments with frequencies.

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