Andreas Kalcker: CDS Tour 2021 South America

05/04/2021 Andreas Kalcker has just finished his 2 month tour of South America. He was primarily in Mexico and Bolivia, where the COVID variant there had caused an extremely high number of deaths. He gave many lectures, up to 6 interviews a day and was a guest on many TV and radio stations. Since in the meantime many people, especially doctors and military personnel, could only save themselves by CDS, a different wind seems to be blowing now. He was mostly received very friendly and sometimes even celebrated like a pop star. He received an honorary doctorate from the Mexican State University and another dozen other awards. Many hospitals, pharmacies and universities were happy to work with him. In Bolivia, universities even produce CDS and distribute it to the population or sell it in pharmacies. Along the way, some doctors in the movement tried CDS for other diseases with great success. The child Elias, for example, had terminal leukemia and was to be sent home to die. But the doctor gave him CDS and now the boy is back home completely healthy. Since both the mechanism of action of CDS in COVID-19 and a very successful study in people with COVID-19 have been published in a respected and citable journal, no MMS critic can claim that there are no efficacy studies! It seems that the development of approved chlorine dioxide-based drugs must first take place in the South American region and can only then be made available to the whole world.

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